1.1.3 Surprises: Bad and Good

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Well there have been a few more pieces of news tricking out about 1.1.3. Top of the list has to be the fact that it kills EDGE data for GoPhone users. When Christopher wrote in and said he's been without data for 48 hours and counting my iPhone wailed a bit for him. There's other oddities too, like SMS messages appearing out of order. It appears that I spoke too quickly when I said that Apple had the best ROM update method EVARS over at WMExperts.

But 1.1.3 also has some good surprises - the max number of SMS messages an iPhone can hold has been lifted from a crazy-low 1000 to around 75,000. That might be enough. You can also finally manually manage your music and movies for finer-tuned control of what goes on your iPhone. Of course, there are also all the previously discussed benefits.

In the mixed category - 1.1.3 switches Gmail over to IMAP access automatically. This is good news for most - IMAP is clearly superior to POP. But the change happens without telling user that deleting Gmail email on the iPhone acts is going to be a little different now. On POP, "Delete = Archive," so you could use delete to clear our your inbox Willy-Nilly. On IMAP, "Delete = Delete," so use a little caution.

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1.1.3 Surprises: Bad and Good