1Password 4 for iPhone and iPad half price in back to school sale!

1Password needs little introduction really, it's one of our absolute favorite apps for iOS to keep your passwords strong and secure. It isn't the lowest priced app you'll come across, though – you pay for what you get mind – but Agilebits is known for frequent sales helping folks get in for less. Now, for back to school time, 1Password 4 for iPhone and iPad is half price at $7.99 for a limited time. If you've been on the fence about picking it up, now is definitely a good time!

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Reader comments

1Password 4 for iPhone and iPad half price in back to school sale!


I've been curious about 1 Password for a while and always stood away because of it's high price tag. While this price is very tempting the reviews about constantly paying for upgrades for an already pricey app isn't something I'd want. I've been using LastPass (premium) for over a year and love it! The LastPass iOS app is better than it's android counterpart but overall I think LastPass gives you more bang for the buck, tho in fairness to 1 Password I've never tried it because of price.

Anytime 1Password goes on sale, it brings tears to my eyes .... NOT!

Anyhow ... don't bother. There are other options (at last!) and LastPass one of many.

Or ... wait for next OSX ;) and see how Agilebits goes forever-sale!

If you're all Apple. iOS and OSX. Just use Keychain. With ios7 & mavericks. It's all in the cloud. I'm $75 invested into 1Password and I'm switching to iCloud Keychain.