1Password 4 for the Mac on the way, sign up to beta test it now!

The new 1Password 4 for Mac is on the way, and you can sign up to help test it out in the private beta now! 1Password 4 launched for iOS in late 2012 and brought a stack of new features to the popular password management tool, that now finally will be on the way to the desktop version.

In terms of a release schedule, all we know is that the updated version will drop "later this year." But, if you want to get in and take a look ahead of that, hit the source link below and go sign up.

Source: AgileBits

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1Password 4 for the Mac on the way, sign up to beta test it now!


Their FAQ says that it will be a free download if you already have 1Password.

"Free Upgrade
Purchase 1Password for Mac or Windows today and receive a FREE upgrade to version 4 when it becomes available."