1Password 4 updated with strong password generator in the browser, new sharing options

1Password 4 updated with strong password generator in the browser, new sharing options

1Password 4 for iPhone and iPad has gotten a major updated today, with big changes and additions to the browser, sharing, and search, among others. 1Browser, the in-app browser that allows users to take advantage of 1Password features like auto-fill, has added 1Passwords strong password generator for the iPad version. AgileBits says that this feature is also on its way to the iPhone eventually. Quick access to all of your logins has also been added to the browser, and you can now auto-submit after you auto-fill your login information if you wish. URLs on your clipboard will now be detected by 1Password, which will prompt you to open them in the browser.

There are also new sharing options. Users can now share from Vault Mode via email and SMS. Emails can either be sent encrypted or in plain text. The recipient will see an “Add to 1Password” link, allowing you to send them items like shared login information and secure notes. Anyone with a copy of 1Password for iOS can open this link so delete it when you’re finished, and exercise common sense security practices.

Search has also been improved with support for login items and expanding your search across multiple fields. There have also been improvements to Dropbox sync and translations, as well as the addition of Greek language support.

The update is available now, so 1Password 4 users, go grab it, and tell us what you think of the changes.

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1Password 4 updated with strong password generator in the browser, new sharing options


Finger printing will eventually help ward off people from accessing your stuff on a iPhone but how are they going to get around it on a Mac. I’ll stick with passwords until such time as they find a easy secure way of protecting data that is stored on countless servers around the world.

It will surely take time, just like Apple was catalytic and played a major role in the evolution and acceptance of tablet computing worldwide. So, the next evolution / revolution will also take time. Biometrics is the future. Passwords are very outmoded as the article points out, and also people are 'lazy' in personal password administration. Fingerprint verification and two-tier security check is the starting point. Passwords? For now, yes, I will 'tolerate'.