1Password for iOS now on sale, iOS 8 update to be free for existing users

Over the course of the its existence, 1Password has gone on sale many times at various different price points and once again, AgileBits has reduced the price. This time around, you can grab 1Password for iOS for only $9.99, which is grand total of 40% off the original price.

In addition to the sale announcement, AgileBits has also announced that the iOS 8 version, which has support for Touch ID and extensions, will be a free upgrade for existing users, a nice bit of love from the company.

Source - @1Password

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1Password for iOS now on sale, iOS 8 update to be free for existing users


Honestly after using the beta version of iPassword I assumed it would be a paid upgrade. Unlike Tweetbot 3 (ahem) I think it would be understandable if they offered it as a paid upgrade because it's not just a cosmetic change but improved functionality across iOS devices. Really glad they are allowing it as a free upgrade. Many customers will be appreciative.

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wow damn, i just bought this app about a week ago for the full price, and apart from a handy place to store all your passwords i dont get much more use. i cant get it to auto log me into anything and i actually find it fairly fiddly to use.

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How is this better than eWallet?

Seriously, I get tempted to buy this every time it goes on sale .. but can't justify it, having eWallet (iOS+PC versions) and a gazillion passwords already stored in eWallet.

Use of 1Password on your PC/Mac requires another purchase, $50 for a single user, or $70 for a 5-user license pack. Ridiculous.

I've been using RoboForm for over 10 years, it has an 'Everywhere' subscription of $20 per year (currently 1st year is $10) that covers you no matter which mobile device or computer you use it on. In addition to iOS and Android, they also have a Windows Phone 8 app (for the 8 people who have one of those).

AgileBits needs to evaluate their 1Password pricing structure...

Wow, I just bought this yesterday on Iphone thinking I was going to finally turn a corner on my password management... Didn't know about a separate fee for windows... I feel like I just wasted $10

So...what you are saying is that over 10 years you've spent $190 (1 x $10 + 9 x $20) on your password management solution.

A full copy of 1Password Mac / Windows Bundle + iOS ($69.99 + $9.99 = $79.98). It's currently on sale, and I got mine for half that during the Heartbleed vulnerability. You'll want to see their licensing page for any questions, but you're licensed on any machine you wish to install it on. I can install it on 10 Macs that I use and 25 iOS devices and it doesn't cost me any more than the admission price.

The multi-user license is for just that, multiple users in a household. If my wife or kids decide they want to use it, I'll pay the upgrade fee and they'll have access to it across all computers as well.

There is also a free browser extension sort of thing that can decrypt your database. But I haven't used that so I can't really vouch for its usability. (Though I've considered it for use on Linux.)

The pricing really isn't that bad for a very well designed and implemented application that is going to get exponentially more powerful in the fall.

You left out the 1Password version-upgrade pricing, from version 3 to 4 it runs $35 for a single user license and $70 for a family license.

They all have sales -- a great RoboForm one is just finishing up, first year is free for new subscribers (thru 8/13): http://www.roboform.com/lp?frm=rfp-013
I just purchased a 3 year renewal for 30% off. In all the years I've used it, I've paid full price just once. If you follow them on Twitter, you'll catch the sales as they happen.

Is 1Password better than Dashlane? I think Dashlane is free and needs a monthly/yearly subscription to sync passwords across devices. Only thing that bothers me with Dashlane is that you have to go through their browser to auto-fill the passwords remembered in it; it does not work with Safari or Chrome on iOS devices. Does iOS 8 Extensions resolve this somewhat?

Bought it, but still don't find myself using it all that much. Perhaps ios8 integration with touch ID will improve that, but for now, I find that iCloud keychain more than meets my needs. The launch-centre pro shortcut from macstories which lets me quickly search for a particular entry helps make retrieving them faster as well.

I have tried 1 password, last pass but always go back to Roboform. I have been using it since it first came out on a PC,then got smart and changed to Apple products and continue to use and love Roboform.

Started using Splash ID a few years ago, however, I found the pace of development too slow. Took the plunge with 1Password and it meets all my needs

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