1Password for Mac and iOS now half price!

1Password for Mac and iOS is hands down one of the best password managers around, and now it's on sale at half price! If you've been contemplating picking it up, but perhaps didn't fancy the price, now would be a great time to get it.

1Password 4 for iOS has had some pretty big updates in recent months, and only recently we heard that all these great new features would be coming to the Mac. Beta testers for that are being recruited as we speak, but now is a perfect opportunity to get in ahead of its release.

The 50% discount is only available for a "limited time" and brings the Mac app down to $24.99, with its iOS counterpart now $8.99. If you're a first time 1Password user, how are you finding it?

Richard Devine

Senior Editor at iMore, part time racing driver, full time British guy

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hobojo says:

anyone know how 1 password compares to mSecure?

nf_tammy says:

Best software ever!
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sethclifford says:

The single greatest piece of software ever created.
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karmski says:

Many years ago I used eWallet on my Mac and iPAQ (wow, my iPAQ seems like an eternity ago), but they were slow off the mark with the development of an IOS version, so I changed to 1Password. It is an exceptional app that I use many times a day. I had decided to stay with 1Password 3 for the wifi sync between my Mac

karmski says:

cont... and iDevices, but couldn't resist the half price sale. Thanks for the update Richard, 1Password 4 is phenomenal!!

Galley says:

I literally purchase oneSafe 30 seconds ago, but I hear it's better than 1Pasword.

mattbarone says:

Great buy!

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ame says:

DAMN IT! I just bought it like two weeks ago! I might grab the MacOS version though.

Some Random Bloke says:

Imore - can you please fix the spam!?

1P is awesome. Had it for years and use it more than ever.

srkdoc says:

Any info on how long the sale pricing will last?