1Password previews new iOS 7 design — Macworld|iWorld 2014

1Password lets you set, store, manage, and fill unique passwords for every website you visit, as well as your credit cards, software licenses, and more. And now, in addition to Mac, Windows, and Android, it's getting an iOS 7 makeover on iPad and iPhone!

AgileBits' own David Teare took a few minutes to chat with me about it at Macworld|iWorld 2014. Check out the video above and let me know — how much does multiplatform support mean for you when it comes to managing your passwords?

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Reader comments

1Password previews new iOS 7 design — Macworld|iWorld 2014


About time! Been waiting for this since iOS 7's release. Wonder if it'll be a free update or it will be a paid update (new app).

In an email I received from AgileBits, they stated this would be a free upgrade to 1Password 4 purchasers. Not sure about previous versions. I too have been waiting for this for sometime! And I appreciate that the update will be free since I did purchase 1Pass4 and the previous iteration of 1Password.

Awesome news. iOS 7 update is well overdue. Agilebits have been really good in the past with there updates being free. I could understand though if they charged for this update. Either way looking forward to it.

I wonder if Agile will release this update without massive bugs? Like they did with 1PW 4 on the Mac. NIGHTMARE form 1PW3 to 1PW4. And each update is always buggy as heck. Agile needs to get their act together.

Am I the only one that thinks this app is a ripoff? I paid $15 for the app last year, only to discover I had to pay for updates and I also had to pay to backup.
I gladly paid another $10 for Msecure. No charge for backups and no charge for updates. Oh, and they were ready for ios7 about 5 months ago.

Maybe I just didnt understand this app, but to me, it is way over priced