2 Days to iTablet Roundup! Less than $1000, Publishing Deals, Patents and Technology


A MacRumors reader snapped the above pic of Apple getting the poster art in place for their upcoming "Come see our latest creation" event, set to kick off this Wednesday, Jan. 27 at 10am PT, 1pm ET, 6pm GT. TiPb will be live meta-blogging the event right on the homepage, and we'd be pleased as punch and pie if you joined us for our usual commentary and color.

Meanwhile, the net is fair exploding with leaks, rumors, and leaky rumors. Here's a sampling:

  • New York Times has created a "Reader Application Division". No reason. [9to5mac]
  • New York Times is also working closely with Apple to prep a version of the newspaper for a large screen device. [MacRumors]
  • Other publishers are also talking about Apple's tablet. Apple's been aggressive in trying to get deals done using an "agency model" to compete with Amazon/Kindle. They're cutting out intermediaries and going straight to the publishers. Critical content mass likely won't be reached until mid-2010. Won't cost anywhere near $1000. [9to5mac]
  • Historical looks back at both FingerWorks multi-touch technology and the history of the Apple tablet initiative [AppleInsider]
  • A look at Apple's multitouch and user interface patents, and what they may mean when taken together [LukeW]

Only 2 days to go!

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Reader comments

2 Days to iTablet Roundup! Less than $1000, Publishing Deals, Patents and Technology


How can argue with logic like that?
I can wait 2 more days for the real story then chat it up on tipb live that night...

In the mean time the Free CNBC RT app just notified me that Apple shares have been halted pending news.
This is fairly unusual, shares are not normally halted just for earnings reports but they were already up over $5 in normal trading, and still climbing after hours when the halt went in.
Probably at Apple's suggestion, since they may guide lower (based on development cost charges), and don't want to sucker people into buying the rumor only to be forced to sell the news at a loss.

You know... I personally am still not getting in the least bit excited about this iTablet thing Apple supposedly is showing off Wednesday. Still don't see the use of it if it has a hobbled or stripped OS on it. Guess we'll see Wednesday what it can do and if the legions of Mac fans will lap it up or not.

I'm with you Joost.
If the thing made me breakfast in bed and served Latte's on demand I would still have no plans to buy one.
I've had enough of Apple's controlling evil for one life time and am having a hard time convincing myself I would even upgrade to the next release of the iPhone. (100 thousand apps in the App store just don't do it for me anymore when I use maybe 10 max.)
Its going to really have to shine to get me to buy, and given Apples device release history, I'd rather have version 2 when it comes out next year.

I agree with icebike, it will be fun to see what they have created, but I'll give Apple a year to work out the bugs and release version 2.
It would be quite funny if they didn't even release a tablet.

I like the idea of the tablet to replace magazines and newspapers but I don't understand why anyone would want to take such a gadget out of the house?
This is what I want to see addressed by any new gadget so I'm holding my breath for two more days.

It will be interesting no matter what this device really is. It'll probably be a $799 entertainment based device like the iPod touch but capable of also creating content through reworked versions of iLife that allows touch input. I look toward to see what is released whether I purchase one or not.

I really do hate people that posts questions on blogs with out reading about the subject. Mr. Isuck here I mean Isurf is asking a question about a release date on a only rumored subject!!!

Why would you want to take a full color touchscreen Kindle that has access to the Appstore and Safari on it out of your house? Oh, did that answer the question? As far as the release date on the rumored device, the rumors say March.

Less than a $1000 bucks? Oh noes, they going for the $999 price tag :P Can't wait for this thing to be over and done with.

Yeah, truth be told, I am way ready to stop hearing about this now. Less hype, more facts please!