2010 TiPb Award for Favorite Navigation App goes to...!

Your votes have been counted, your voices have been heard, and we're proud to announce the 2010 TiPb Readers Choice Award for Favorite Navigation App goes to... NAVIGON Mobile Navigator!

NAVIGON MobileNavigator has been at the forefront turn-by-turn navigation apps since Apple brought the functionality to the iPhone. Now, with iOS 4's multitasking background location services, and the latest updates and enhancements to MobileNavigator, not only does it rival traditional dedicated GPS units, but in many ways surpasses them.

"We're honored that the TiPb.com community voted NAVIGON MobileNavigator as their favorite iPhone navigation app. This award recognizes our dedication to delivering innovation and quality products to consumers now and into the future. The iPhone has been and continues to be an extremely important platform for NAVIGON. It has allowed MobileNavigator to significantly move the category of navigation applications forward; delivering a solution that is the most feature rich navigation application available." - Bernd Hahn, Head of iNavigation at NAVIGON

Congratulations to NAVIGON MobileNavigator, our 2010 TiPb Award Favorite Navigation App!

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Reader comments

2010 TiPb Award for Favorite Navigation App goes to...!


I like most of Navigon's features over the TomTom equivalent app but the Live Traffic whilst good isn't as well presented and as user friendly as the TT equivalent Traffic Bar.
I hope Navigon do something with that area and I'll be a much happier bunny.
So main presentation 9/10 and Traffic presentation 4/10 for me.
Others may disagree just my view but I do hope someone from Navigon reads this and takes it back to the devs for consideration.

Personally, for the money, I prefer mapquest mobile. It's free and serves it's purpose although as a mail I rarely need help with directions and hardly ever use a navigator. I know mapquest mobile doesn't have nearly the features Navigon has but you can't beat the price and I have never had any accuracy issues and for me that is what really matters.

If I'm looking for a value navigation app, it's gotta be CoPilot. I paid $4.99 for mine and now I'm going to add a year of traffic for $9.99! This is great value and I've never had an issue using it

@brandx21, maybe a few hundred of thousand developing it. Well deserved, celebrate it with 1 free gift card to buy it :)

Agreed with brandx21, having had a navigon that crashed every time I searched for a street that is divided into sections (north, south, east, west) and received zero support from CS, i no longer touch any of the company's product with a 10 foot pole.
Exactly, how much did they pay to earn the glory (!)?

I too have decided to award myself as the most handsome man alive! Congratulation Self, never thought you could do it, well done!

The Navigon app is nice but I think CoPilot is a better bang for the buck. The new live traffic works great and it's easy to setup detours. It finds me faster than my Garmin and rerouting is faster as well. I haven't used my Garmin in over a year.

wwwinsanelygreatmacAugust 7, 2011 W-T-F? Seriously? So, there's a new version eallcd U.S. and Canada that has all these features, but they're not offering it the other packages? I don't get it. Or are there other updates coming? I'll email them, but it usually takes them two weeks to respond. It does look nice, but annoyed it seems recent customers need to buy again.