2K Drive revs its engine on iPhone and iPad

2K Drive revs its engine on iPhone and iPad

Racing title 2K Drive is now available for the iPhone and the iPad. Drive gets players behind the wheel and racing on tracks located all around the world. Players can complete challenges to earn rewards throughout the game. Cars and drivers can be personalized, and you can put your own face on your driver by taking a picture and adding it to the game. Live news feeds will bring you the latest news from around the automotive world.

Drive well to earn stars and coins, which you will use to purchase upgrades and boosts for your cars, as well as new cars. Coins can also be purchased in the game, with $0.99 buying you a pack of ten coins. Play solo, or compete against live opponents in the online multiplayer mode. 2K is promising that content will be dynamic and constantly updated, with new challenges and articles coming to the game regularly. 2K Drive is available as a universal download on the App Store for $6.99.

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2K Drive revs its engine on iPhone and iPad

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I like that 2K is not going to the freemium milking model for their games (see XCOM, which I gladly bought). While it looks like this one will have some IAP's, hopefully they only server as boosters that can be obtained with a fair amount of grinding otherwise.