3G iPhone Photo?

iPhone 3G?

Check out this Translated version of http://www.iphon.fr/ - it looks very close to the iPhone 3G dimensions we told you about yesterday. The shots are anonymous, unverified, etc etc. They could be face, but they sure don't look it based on the fact that we can see evidence of real use (scratches) and based on the general un-photoshopped-appearance of the images.

It's certainly still iPhone-esque, but to my eyes looks a little more like a generic smartphone than I'd prefer. What do you think? Legit? Good-looking?

[via Engadget]

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3G iPhone Photo?


I really hope thats not it... If the only improvements are gps and 3g.... And it looks like that.... Safe to say I'll be keeping my 16gb. From the pictures it just screams cheap. Now that $200 price point rumor is starting to make sense. Bummer. (if this is real...)