3G Rumors: Austria to Test 3G iPhone?


Apple Insider reports that, according to T-Mobile, the 3G iPhone is slated for immanent testing in Austria:

Specifically, a German-laguage report in derStandard.at states that officials from the carrier said a "UMTS version" of the iPhone would be made available in Austria "shortly," and that the country would be one of just a handful to serve as a "testing" ground for the next-generation device."

Why Austria and, most importantly, why UTMS and not the specific UTMS-extending protocol everyone and their Laporte bandies about in the US, HSDPA?

More controllable territory combined with more widely spread technology standard and deeper market penetration, perhaps? Or is this just T-Com talking out of their collective assumptions again?

What do you think?

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3G Rumors: Austria to Test 3G iPhone?

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Austria has one of the most competitive cell phone marktes in the world. T-mobiles net uses HSDPA not just UMTS. Maybe the Euro 2008 (soccer) is part of the reason too? Tmobile ist not the sponsor (A1/Vodafone is) so this may be a way to steal their thunder and get everybody talking about them.