3G Rumors: iPhone 3G to Support 42Mbps HSDPA+ Evolution?!

That\'s not 3G, the iPhone is 3G!

Crikey! Add 3G speed to the list of beer-brewing, croc-hunting, and bum-booting that Australians claim to do better, stronger, and faster than just about everyone else in the world. Or so an anonymous Telstra exec would have us believe:

"We know what is coming we have seen the new device and it will be available on our network as soon as it is launched in the USA. By Christmas this phone will be capable of 42Mbps which will make it faster than a lot of broadband offerings and the fastest iPhone on any network in the world."

Hard to believe anyone outside the Jobspod has seen the actual device (remember AT&T hadn't even seen the first gen model until Macworld 2007), so this one sounds fishy from the get-go.

Also, 42Mbps is jaw-dropping, face-smacking fast, and would pretty much require the next-next gen, tippity-top end HSDPA technology, known as HSDPA+ or HSDPA Evolution. Right now Telstra maxes out at around 14.4 and while they reportedly claimed they will reach 21 by the end of 2008, that's a far cry from delivering twice that in half the time, which is what making the rumored June iPhone 3G launch would require.

I'm calling shenanigans. What do you think?

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Reader comments

3G Rumors: iPhone 3G to Support 42Mbps HSDPA+ Evolution?!


That about triples my home cable connection for speed... I will believe it when I see it, but I agree about the shenanigans!

Ok, supposing for a minute this is true, what would that tell us about the RF chip in the new iPhone? There can't be many capable of 42 Mbs I'd have thought. In fact, are any known?

I would bet dollars to donuts that, even assuming this exec exists, his knowledge of chips and their various speeds and feeds rapidly approaches NILL.
"What's the biggest number I can find on Wikipedia for HSPDwhatever?"

Also, is there an tiPb articles forum yet? Somewhere I can edit mistakes like missing the p in Mbps? :)

starting with the iPhone's alleged baseband chip—the Infineon's S-GOLD3, which tops at 7.2Mbps.
There are no 14.4Mbps baseband chips commercially available in the market now—much less back when the new 3G iPhone development started
• In fact, there are no HDSPA-based mobile devices of any kind supporting more than 7.2Mbps at this point, and even those are still not common.
The 3G baseband chip most likely to be in the iPhone 3G is the Infineon S-Gold 3.
• The iPhone beta firmware code specifically mentions the Infineon S-GOLD 3.
• There have been multiple press and analysts' reports about Infineon getting the contract for the next version, continuing its relationship with Apple—right now the iPhone uses the Infineon S-GOLD 2 as its baseband chip.
The S-GOLD 3 tops at 7.2Mbps.
So yeah, not happening/doesn't matter for iPhone users as it won't be able to be fully utilized due to hardware limitations.

Thanks. So either Apple has a super secret supply of wonder chips, the Telstra chap is full of it, or the story is just plain bunk. One of the latter two seems most likely I guess.