3G Rumors: iPhone in Canada Next Month With... Reasonable Rates?!

iPhone in Canada

I'm not going to get off on another Rogers rant here. Suffice it to say, when it comes to Canadian telcos, I'm the rat who, having learned helplessness, now lies face down on the hot plate.

However, not content to let me lie there and wither in peace, now comes this report, determined to kick poor downed me with some hope:

Sources from inside Rogers claim that the device should be available the same month as an expected US release of an updated, 3G-capable model [...] currency values are likely to place the cost of the phone itself closer to the eventual US figure. [...] The sources claim that the iPhone will qualify for Rogers' $7 on-device browsing plan, which currently allows all phones offered by Rogers (excepting BlackBerry and Windows Mobile devices) to access the web as much as they like through the carrier's officially-sanctioned browser. Whether Rogers will allow YouTube, the App Store, and other official but non-web devices to fall into the unlimited plan is unknown, though unlike with other phones Rogers will not have the choice of installing or customizing the web browser or other applications.

We'll see (or more likely, we won't see). The best indicator of future behavior being prior behavior, I figure the iPhone data plan will cost $100/month for 1GB. Prove me wrong, Rogers!

What do you think?

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3G Rumors: iPhone in Canada Next Month With... Reasonable Rates?!


I'd like to see the $7 plan that supports Safari and is not crippled in any way. It would be nice if they extended it to pop/imap data so that we could get our mail on the thing too.
$100 is just a tough pill to swallow for something that costs me nothing when in range of a WiFi network. I've cut off my edge plan since December and haven't looked back.

Rene, I'm hoping right along with ya on behalf of my Canadian neighbors! Maybe if we keep sending out happy thoughts? :)

Can you imagine if the rumors are true and the new iPhone has a forward looking camera for video chat that I'm sure that sucks up the bandwidth. Rogers will love that eh. I think your prediction of $100 is pretty spot on.