4th Generation iPhone Midboard Leaked?


This, according to China Ontrade, is the 4th generation iPhone midboard. Having accurately leaked part of the iPhone 3GS assembly in May 2009, weeks before Phil Schiller showed the launch device off at WWDC in June, they've gained some measure of credibility. However, this isn't May 2010 and its hard to see ever-prototyping, last-minute-camera-ditching Apple setting anything in stone (or aluminum or plastic) this early in the cycle.

iPhones get introduced in June/July, after all, according to the same Phil Schiller. That's their product cycle, and that's what Apple has done for the first three versions. Could they be planning an early surprise? Gizmodo thinks pressure from Android (technically Android hardware manufacturers like HTC and Motorola in this case, we suppose) might get them to ramp up faster. However, a great iPhone 3.2 (which we've still not seen beta nor screenshot of) could relieve pressure on the OS side.

So is it real? Perhaps, and could well represent the current state of the art of 4th generation iPhone prototyping. Is it what we'll see when the actual iPhone (insert new brand name here) ships? Eh, it's just a midboard so it's hard to get terribly excited unless/until some hardware whizzes figure out the dimensions must mean a 16:9 display, or it's 8 feet high or something...

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4th Generation iPhone Midboard Leaked?


I think they should focus on a software update, like adding fm radio, an iphoto app and an imovie app, that would create a buzz.

Does anybody out there have a pic of the 3G / 3GS midboard?? That would help to make it easier to tell what has been moved / added. IF the pic of the larger SIM tray was for real, maybe there are differences on this too.

Why does everybody keep asking for 16:9? Movies already look great and the resolution change would screw up compatibility with apps. Apple has a huge advantage over Android, WinMob, and now Palm because every device on the platform has the same resolution.
Stop asking for it. HVGA is good and Apple should concentrate on other issues. How about an OLED screen instead? That would make the device slimmer and make the battery life better. Now there's something a little more realistic.

I hope the larger camera hole means a better lens with a zoom motor as well so that we can get some real zoom, no digital zoom. I'd still like to see a higher resolution as well. 5 - 8 MP, please!

iPhone 4G components from China Otrande are faked.http://www.ipod.info.pl/index.php/jednak-nie-zlozymy-sami-iphonea-4g/
China Otrande says:
"We are apologize for sending to you fake parts named “iPhone 4 Midboard and SIM Tray”. Basically these parts come is from one chinese MP3/MP4 Player and chinese copy mobile phone. We just wanted to make more attention to our website and make more sales so we make this fake pictures from cheap chinese devices to sale. We have deleted these fakes items from our website. "

I'm just hoping for a flash and maybe an upgrade that will include Adobe Flashplayer. Apple what's up?

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