500px updated for iOS 7, finally lets you edit image info

500px for iOS finally lets you edit image info and fully supports iOS 7

500px for iOS has just received a nice update bringing it to version 2.4. This version brings with it full iOS 7 support, a new intro and walkthrough for new users, and most importantly, the ability to manage and actually edit image info.

Before now, the 500px app hasn't been very in depth and served more as a place to browse than it did to manage your image collections. This update somewhat remedies some of those concerns by letting you edit the information attached to your images such as title, description, EXIF data, and location.

If you use 500px, you can grab the update via the link below.

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500px updated for iOS 7, finally lets you edit image info


Are we not able to access this information via Apple's Photos or even iPhoto apps?
The ability to edit some of this information would really help when importing photos into Aperture, right?

That's fine. My query is based on how this app allows someone to edit the data imprinted on photos. I'm trying to compare it to the other apps because I've never heard if this app until now. But it's good. This is an island of its own awesomeness.

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