74% of Apple mobile devices now running iOS 7

74% of Apple mobile devices now running iOS 7

Apple has posted a chart on their developer center showing that iOS 7 adoption, as measure by connections to the App Store between November 25 and December 1, 2013, has reached 74%. That means, in the less than 3 months since launch, very nearly 3 out of every 4 iPhones, iPod touches, and iPads that connect to the App Store are now running the latest version of Apple's mobile software. 22% are running iOS 6, and only 4% are running iOS 5 or earlier.

For developers, it should make targeting iOS 7 a no-brainer. For customers, it should mean more stuff that takes advantages of the new frameworks in iOS 7. For Apple, it should mean the combination of a focused platform with free, non-intermediated software updates is paying by not only letting them move quickly towards the future, but by bringing their install base along with them, rather than having to drag them behind.

Win. Win. Win.

Source: Apple

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74% of Apple mobile devices now running iOS 7


I thought a lot less people would've updated because of all the bad reviews online but I guess not people really were ready for change, but change for the sake of change doesn't necessarily mean better. But the more people that have it the better, that'll just be more bug complaints and UI complaints sent to apple so they'll get on top of things and fix it quicker. I cannot wait until iOS 7.1 gets pushed out.

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I don't talk phones much in real life by my mother and my friends mother both have iphones and interestingly both of them updated essentially blindly just because a prompt popped up. Neither said fully understood what a big change they were in store for. My mother has not voice an issue. My friends mother though was said "I wish I'd never updated. I'm getting one of those phones." And she pointed across the table to her son's Nexus 5 Android phone. But i think my point is I think a lot of people update out of habit. Some will like it others may not. Go figure.

Impressive numbers. Although I think some of it was the result of the forced adoption that Apple implemented with iOS 7. I really like iOS 7 but it'd be interesting to see the percentage of those who are more resistant to the changes and wishes they're still using iOS 6.

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Apples and oranges. You'd have to compare Nexus upgrades to iOS for a true comparison. Including other manufacturers requires consideration of other variables.

Rene, what's the general feeling of companies on upgrade targets for version requirement in apps?

In the Flash days most required 90%+ before upgrading but it seems now folks are much more willing to require OS versions at much lower percent.

We're having this discussion at work right now on whether or not to support 6.1.

I was pretty excited to try iOS 7 when it came out. After using it for a while I can't see what all the fuss was about. It looks somewhat different, but it works basically the same. My wife felt the same way. I guess some people are very sensitive to change while others just roll with the punches.

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I agree...after a few days and getting use to the changes, I really like it now and I have had no issues.

Apple being powerful enough to bypass the carriers is such an important advantage. Impressive.

Still not going to risk the stability of my Mom's iPad Mini now that she's finally done with iPad 1 crashes though.

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Wow, this is great news. One question, who really cares? 50% of those people who updated did so by mistake, something Apple is known to be sneaky about. The other 50% said it made their phones run slower and they started having problems. Android is so far ahead of Crapple's iOS that even if your phone is two years old and hasn't been updated, it's still better than an iPhone. I've owned a shitty iPhone and a flagship Android device so I'm speaking of personal experience. Apple blows!

The first thing I thought of when I saw this number is that the other 25% are probably still using older devices that can't upgrade.

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This is the first update I can remember when even my mum seemed aware of it. I think is is in part due to people owning IOS devices for longer and therefore feeling more comfortable with updating. Perhaps also it came down to people recognising that this was a major update. I wonder whether IOS 8 will have such a quick adoption, given the likelihood that it will not be so radical a rethink?

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And in other news, the OPEN Android OS Kit Kat is on 100 percent of Android devices. It's so open that anyone can just download and install it on their device. No matter how old it is or who made it.

I jumped all over the iOS7 update the moment it was released. My girlfriend is still rocking out with the preious version and sees no reason to switch.

same here. rocking ios6 since i have no issues with it. loving the performance and battery life.

It still never ceases to amaze me how many Androidboyz and fruit bashers hang out on Apple-centric blogs just looking for a chance to *itch and moan.

I have a friend who will not update he likes his JB i4 running 6.1 sometimes he comes over and fights to hook up to my wifi and deals with springboard crashes

I can't understand his resistance he says iOS 7 won't run on his i4 I show him my girlfriends i4 running 7.0.3 without any lag and he still finds an excuse

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I have a few coworkers still on iOS 5... Still clinging to the, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" cliché. I for one love the newness and refreshing course 7.0 has taken iOS.

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Is this even really surprising. When an os comes out and over 90% of the ecosystem has the ability to grab why wouldn't we. I would have reconsidered if I still had my iphone 4 but seeing as I upgraded a while back to the 5 as many others have it's almost a no brainer. I can now also see why apple released the 5C because a lot of old timers and children are buying them in droves and ditching their old iPhones, which only adds to the numerical count.

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