iPhone 3GS still a huge seller for AT&T

The iPhone 3GS is still selling in huge numbers according to President and CEO of AT&T Mobility, Ralph de la Vega. Speaking on a conference call for analysts, he discussed the impact of the recent price reductions on the iPhone 4 8GB model and more importantly the now free iPhone 3GS.

We have another device that I think is going to dramatically change those people that are on smartphones and quick messaging devices, the [iPhone] 3GS, which is free with a 2-year contract. We've seen a tremendous, tremendous demand for that device even though it's a generation old. And actually, we're getting more new subscribers coming on the 3GS on the average than other devices. So we also have an inventory sold out on that device.

AT&T has also reported slower numbers this quarter which it is putting down to the launch of the iPhone 4S in the third quarter. AT&T expects that to change dramatically in the holiday quarter with huge sales of the iPhone 4S.

Source: MacRumors

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Reader comments

iPhone 3GS still a huge seller for AT&T


Yeah, I had and 3GS and went to the 4S and it's a huge difference. If you just want a regular smart phone for simple things the 3GS is perfect. But for a power user get the 4 or 4S. So much better.

Man there are some pretty cheap people out there... Get with the times.... get a 4 or 4S lol

Only apple could sell a phone that is almost 2.5 years old and should probably be removed from sale. I know the 3GS is still functional - but you're just not that smart if you lock into a 2 year deal on a phone thats already 2+ years old. If you can afford a 30/month data plan, then you should be able to afford atleast a $99 iPhone 4. If you have to get the free iphone you may want to reevaluate your entire phone budget, haha.

I still have my 3Gs and I love it! The key is not to just have an iPhone or any phone for that matter but to know how to use it and take advantage of its functionality. All of the new features that have come out in ios 5 most people (who know how to unlock certain features on their iPhones) already had. If it ain't broke don't fix it. The one's who upgrade just because are the real idiots. If you are just an apple fan than that's fine, but if you are doing it just because and then trying to bash those who are being smart with their money than it is you who needs to check his/her priorities.

AT&T will push the 3GS hard because it's still exclusive to them. There's no CDMA version, so Verizon and Sprint have no "free iPhone." AT&T will successfully use the 3GS to increase their market share over the next year.
Everybody wins. Great for people who want the lowest-cost iPhone, great for AT&T, great for Apple. And of course, great for developers. :-)