No, ABC Family TV hasn't successfully ported iOS Safari to an Android Droid Charge

No, ABC Family TV hasn't successfully ported iOS to Android hardware

They've just proven they have more Photoshop licenses than gadget sense.

[Thanks Greg!]

Rene Ritchie

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tommyb_23 says:

WTF is this ? Slow day Rene ?

Bryan says:

They probably rooted it.

Ronnie O'sullivan says:

This is a great product and the design is very nice, but why buy it when you can get it for nothing from Go there and follow the steps to get an apple product for nothing. This is a fantastic product to have, you will love it!

Kyle says:

I know we're going through some rough times, Ronnie; I just never thought it would come down to this. I mean, for god's sake, what would your parents think about this? I have friends that stop by hear, what if they saw you? Do you know how embarrassing that would be to me? Have some self respect... I never thought you stoop this low... Did you even THINK about trying the strip club downtown? That sure would have been a HELL of lot better than this... Come on Ronnie Baby, let's just go... We can talk about this later...
Nice try though!

Eli Bohnert says:

att has there samsung infuse runing iOS on one of the att comericals lol