ABC Player becomes Watch ABC, lets some users stream shows live

ABC Player becomes Watch ABC, lets some users stream shows live

ABC has updated its player app with a new name and live streaming capabilities, allowing a limited set of users to watch ABC programming live. While the rest of the app remains largely unchanged, still letting users stream previous episodes of ABC’s shows, a new section called Live has been added to the toolbar. In most of the country, the section will simply let the user know that live streaming is not available in their area on the top half of the screen, and ABC’s primetime schedule on the bottom half. For New York City and Philadelphia viewers however, live programming will be present, allowing them to watch live ABC programming on their iOS device as long as they remain within their city. ABC plans to expand the availability of live streaming in the near future.

Joseph Keller

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khobia2 says:

Works great. ABC definitely leading the streaming networks pack with this update. I'm still looking for a bonafide service to come along that isn't dependent on service providers. I have Comcast Internet with no plans of adding the TV portion. I refuse to pay so much just to see NatGeo, Science, Discovery, etc. so I will enjoy the Live feature until the 'free preview' period runs out in June. These streaming apps are great though to catch up with your favorite shows. The Fox app sucks bad though. Only clips of the top shows if you don't have a subscription.