Accessory of the week: Adonit Jot Pro Stylus

Accessory of the week: Adonit Jot Pro Stylus

The Adonit Jot Pro really stood out in our recent pro stylus pen shootout. Adonit made a brave, bold choice by not going with the common fat-style silicone tip. Instead they went with a thin metal tip more like that of a mechanical pencil or fine pointed pen, and mounted it with a see-through, capacitive disk.

And it totally works.

It makes the Adonit Jot Pro feel really different than other capacitive stylus pens, and it means it takes some getting used to. It's not as smooth but it's stronger. It also means it's not ideal for all situations. It's not a general purpose tool. It's a specialist tool.

And that means it's worth another look.

As we said in the original review and the shootout, anyone with a technical drawing or drafting background, and anyone with a penchant for detail and precision penmanship will absolutely love it.

Thanks to the transparent disk, you can easily see exactly where you're placing the pen, and thanks to the metal tip, you get physical feedback immediately so you feel like you're using a real pen.

What's more, Adonit has made an SDK so apps like Procreate work even better with the Jot Pro.

While my favorite stylus pen in our recent shootout remains the marvelous and more general-purpose Pogo Sketch Pro, I like to have options in my high tech pencil case and one of those options is the Adonit Jot Pro. For pencil or pen work in Paper, for sketching in Procreate, for printing in Noteshelf or Penultimate.

If you like writing or drawing with a mechanical pencil or fine tipped pen, you'll love using the Adobit Jot Pro with your iPad.

$27.95 - Buy Now

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Accessory of the week: Adonit Jot Pro Stylus


I have the Jot Pro, but it's not working well on my iPad 3 on the above mentioned apps. I suspect my Zagg shield is the problem (sticking), but does anyone have before/after experiences with these combinations? Thanks as it would be a bit expensive to remove the shield and discover the Jot Pro still sticks etc.

Yeah forget that combination. The Jot is useless with any type of screen protector with texture to it. The Zagg and others like Ghost Armor fall into that category. You'll either need to get a nub-type stylus or remove the screen protector.

I have the flip, the jot pro in one end, and a fine pin on the other. It works on the iPhone with a defender case. I do not have a screen protector on my iPad. I saw the reviews about scratching the screen. If you keep your screen clean, I have not had a problem at all. I clean the screen with a microfiber cloth before each use of the jot.

Scratches the iPad display. Adonit recommends you use a screen protector, but the Jot Pro doesn't work with many screen protectors.

I have the Jot and use it on my iPad3 with a screen protector. I've noticed a minor scratch only after using it all this time. SO I highly recommend the Jot Stylus for its precision. Yeah, I skipped on the Zagg screen protector because it's way too sticky.
TIP: I found adding a drop of conductive lubricating oil to the tip ball and the surface helps with conductivity AND for the tip to slide around the surface of the screen easier.
ALSO The Jot Touch pressure sensitive stylus may be out soon. So eager to get that one.

I use my iPad primarily in my work for note-taking. Most stylus reviews seem to focus on the pen/ink feel, but given how much I write and the cost of styluses, for me accuracy and durability are the key factors. I tend to go through a stylus in any where from a few days to a couple of weeks, and as result I'm pretty sure I've spent at least as much on styluses as I did on my iPad when I purchased it. The Jot has been the best stylus yet for me. Precise, durable, and feels good in my hand. All it needs is a clip of some sort so that I can put it in my shirt pocket like I do with my pen.

Hi Kerry,
A solution to your clip needs...
visit an art supply or office supply store, look for a pen or mechanical pencil that has a removable clip. They exist. Then just purchase and use it's clip. You might need to slightly bend the diameter of the clip center but should work.

Just found this on the Adonit web site:
"Jot plays well with the majority of screen protectors but, due to the large variety, there are some that Jot does not.
Jot does NOT work well with these screen protectors due to their extra grip nature:
Zagg Glossy Invisible Shield (but Smudge-Proof Invisible Shield works well)
Ghost Armor
However, as generally known, when any object, such as a glass towel, a stylus or your finger, contacts and moves on an unprotected screen, scratches may happen due to the particles between the screen and the object. Therefore, a screen protector is recommended to be used to maintain the condition of the screen. If there is wear to the screen protector, it is recommended to replace a new one. In any case, it is advised to keep your screen clean of dust and particles. For further instructions regarding protecting your screen, please contact the manufacturer of your appliance for assistance."
So, it appears that the Zagg smudge proof shield is the one I need; does anyone have it and can confirm the Jot Pro or other styluses will not stick?

Absolutely right... this one work fine, but... the Smudge-Proof Invisible Shield decrease the quality of the display...

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