Accessory of the Week: LifeProof case for iPhone

Accessory of the Week: LifeProof case for iPhone

The LifeProof case for the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 is simply amazing. It's waterproof, shockproof, and pretty much everything-you-can-imagine-proof. If your planet got destroyed by an angry red sun, the LifeProof case is what your scientist father would put his iPhone in to rocket it to the safety of earth. Yeah. It's like that.

I've got a long history of loving waterproof cases, and putting them through torture tests, but the LifeProof is different. It's not a big bag. It's a terrifically trim, superbly svelte case that at first glance is hard to take seriously. It just looks like a regular case.

But it's so much more.

First, it's designed to military specifications. That means everyone from Snake Doctor to Solid Snake could carry it on their belt. It's also been drop tested up to 6.6 feet, so not only could it survive all manner of ninja rolls and HALO drops, it could probably survive occasional use as a blunt impact weapon.

If you're worried that all that protection comes at a price, don't be. The iPhones ports are covered but they're still accessible when you need them. And if you think defensiveness means drabness, the LifeProof comes in white, purple, pink, and black.

What's more, once you're iPhone is safe and sound in a LifeProof case, you can add extra attachments like armbands and bike mounts so you can put that extra protection to good use. Turn the camera on, strap your iPhone into place, and you're an instant action film star.

If you work in the military, in law enforcement, in construction, in child-care (!), if you live an active lifestyle and enjoy camping, hiking, extreme sports, extreme climates, or you just want the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your iPhone is safe no matter what you throw at it -- or what you throw it at! -- the LifeProof case is for you.

[Ed: It's also currently 15% off at the iMore Store if you use coupon code MEM12! -Rene)

$79.99 - Buy now

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Accessory of the Week: LifeProof case for iPhone


I love the lifeproof! It's the best case ever. Since I live in Hawaii we go to the beach alot and having to take underwater pictures is awesome. I took my iPhone diving, swimming, and surfing. I even posted a Facebook status 6 ft under water. Who else can say that? Lol

Funny thing is that yes, this case allows you to use touch screen under water.....busted! Research post before you post things my man

ummm no it does not. The official lifeproof video even says and shows that you cannot use the touchscreen underwater.

Hahahhaa... I'm using Lifeproof Nuud (Screenless case). and the iphone's touchscreen doesn't work underwater. Tested it in a tub. That's why you need to press the Volume buttons to be able to capture photos / videos.

I work for a government organization and we recently bought Lifeproof cases for all iPhones and I personally have two of them. We figure that $80 is a small price compared to the $700 phone and they are waterproof. I swim with my phone.

This looks slimmer that the Otter Box, but the belt clip is a separate purchase, and $29.99. The clip has a great design, and comes with two style clips for different size belts, but wish It was included in the package at a better price for both. Would love to see the testing they did on what I thing would be the weakest part, the charging port cover. How long with regular use will it last?

I've had my Lifeproof case for a good while now and can't imagine being without it. I really love this case.

Good timing.
We JUST came from the pool where we took our phones in their Lifeproof cases, for the first time. I'd been using mine outside of the case because I was getting some kind of light diffusion in certain lighting, before. I put that sucker back in the case once I decided on the pool and it was GREAT. I didn't submerge it but I took many more pictures and video than I would've felt comfortable taking without the case. And handling it was far less of a concern while water was dripping and pouring off of me.
One day, I'll be brave enough to submerge it (besides the time I did it for testing purposes... with no phone in it) but 1) my lady's friend bricked his phone when the case failed him (or he failed to secure it properly?) and 2) the lens came off of my previous Lifeproof case so I exchanged it at Best Buy for another unit.
I really do plan to use it under water, though, instead of buying a waterproof camera for scuba and other excursions during our next cruise.

I've had one for 6 months, it's the best phone case I've ever owned. I have essential tremor and have dropped the phone many times with no damage. Worth every penny

Cant believe these posts. Bought two of these cases for me and my wife. Brought them back after one day. Could not hear the people on the phone and had a terrible time typing on the screen. Yes the water proof is cool. And it is thin and light. Was told at Best Buy that it is the most returned case they sell. No one keeps them longer than one to two days before returning them they told us. So all of you must not use your phones that much or Best Buy sells reject cases.

I used mine regularly and am using one again now. I can't help wondering if the phone was put in the case correctly. The manufacturer goes through a lot of trouble to explain how he phone needs to be "installed."
Correct me if I'm misremembering but I thought there was a note in there about pushing the air out of the case before fully closing it. If one didn't, there's a chance that it would be difficult to use the touchscreen.
My lady and I dig ours. I hope you found something that will work for you for the duration.

I bought my Lifeproof at Best Buy and no they don't sell rejects. Ive had mine for 5 months now and never had any issues, i can hear fine and be heard fine. No issues with the touch screen either. you may want to watch the installation videos again.

Yes, this case is "a fail." I bought it at Best Buy, took it out to the parking lot and tried it out, and immediately returned it. You simply cannot type on it properly due to the gap between the phone's screen and the case's screen--you're constantly missing or having to type the same character more than once etc. You can have lots of fancy or expensive features, but if you don't get the basic functionality down, you're wasting your time.
Hope they fix the problem someday--I'd immediately buy one again. But for now, I'm back with the Otterbox Defender.....

Great idea and they are very close to success. I purchased this product several months ago and it worked as it was supposed to. Took great underwater video, used touch screen underwater, took underwater pictures. However, the case makes it difficult to have phone conversations. The person you are talking to can not hear you very well. Other then that issue it's a great case.

Put a screen protector on the phone prior to inserting it in the case and it completely solves the typing issue mentioned above. I have found the speaker audio volume to be better with the case.

I've had mine for 2 month now and I dig it. I bought it before a trip to Punta Cana. Served me very well on the beach and in the water. Shocked the hell out of some resort guests when I threw my phone into the water. That was fun. Only 3 complaints. It's a bit bulky and doesn't slide out of my pocket easily. It's not friendly to any iphone docking device. Had to order a specific dock extender for that. Lastly, it's a drag having to screw in the headphone adapter every time I want to listen to music. I've had no issues with call quality or the touchscreen. It's all fully functional. That is all.

Its a bit bulky? Its the thinnest case of its kind. Ive had Otter Boxes, both Defender and Commuter and LifeProof is still way thinner, and for it not sliding in an out of your pocket, you may not want to wear such tight pants!

My mother has this case because she kept dropping her phone and was worried it might break. This case has kept her phone in mint condition for 6 mints now. BUT.... I would NOT recommend it for several reasons. 1. The screen cover that's built into the case makes touching objects on screens difficult, the cover is simpy too thick. 2. The phone keeps going onto silent accidentally (also a bad design sensibility). 3. The sleep/wake button is too hard to press.
Yes, it protects your phone awfully well, but also makes owning an iPhone unpleasant. NOT recommended!

Agreed. I've heard ppl having issues with the touchscreen. It does taking some getting used to as you do have to press down slightly harder but after having used mine for 2 months, it feels like a regular touch screen.

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I've had mine for 2 days and I LOVE IT! I have a pool and really want to throw it in but... I'm a little nervous! I got it to take to the beach and I've done the water test so I should just go for it! I love the feel of the touchscreen. It keeps me from typing the wrong letters... Lol. Well, wish me luck with the full submersion, it should take place tomorrow.

I am on my 4th iPhone as of today. I finally smartened up and got this case.
Track record for previous iPhones:

  1. Had phone in purse (otter box and all) spilled my road soda in purse.
  2. Toilet
  3. Toilet

Not cool! I am hoping this fancy, slick case will save my phone from the next eminent swim...
Works just fine so far. A little muffled for calls, but I just turned the volume up all the way and that is just fine. Touch screen works just fine as well. I had the salesperson at AT&T install it for me :)

Not very happy with Lifeproof at the moment. I bought an iPhone for my son and the lifproof case about a month ago. Initially it worked as advertised but recently the case leaked and now I have a damaged iPhone. I called Apple and can have it replaced via the AppleCare+ warranty for $49 but when i called lifeproof they will only replace the case. What good does new case do for a damaged phone?!
I realize their warranty say it doesn't cover the phone, but the adverstising on the box is very misleading. Just had to get this off my chest.
Thanks Apple for stepping up, really dissappointed in Lifeproof (IJS).

Just bought the case, and I really want to like it! But there is a pillow of air underneath my touch screen and I cannot seem to get it to go away. I pressed, squeezed, but no luck. In order to use my touchscreen I have to press hard which makes texting and typing very difficult, and there is an audible tap each time I press it. I would love to have anyone's suggestions on how to fix this problem because I really want to keep this case! Thank you!

I purchased this case with my new iPhone. Did everything as per instructional video and did the water test for two hours. Installed the phone and never opened it till yesterday. After a day on the beach, where I used the phone to take some videos and pictures returned to the hotel and discovered that the phone is not working. Carefully opened the case and discovered that there were some moisture inside and the phone is dead.
I think the case is nice but it is not waterproof as advertised.
It can handle a light splash of water or wet hands. But not more than that.

I am a proud owner of a new iPhone 5 and appreciate the descriptions everyone offered with this case. They were all very helpful and have allowed me to have direction on this rather confusing topic. I have never owned a cell phone before and the iPhone is a little overwhelming at the moment.