Acer reports quarterly losses, blames iPad "fever"

Acer reports quarterly losses, blames temporary iPad fever

Acer has reported their first ever quarterly loss and Chairman J.T. Wang is placing the blame squarely on "tablets" (i.e. iPad), a "fever" he does not think will last. Having seen their fortunes rise with the netbook market most hurt by Apple's iPad, Wang concedes it would be impossible for Acer to break even this year, but thinks iPad will face and netbooks will regain consumer interest moving forward.


First, it's interesting corporations like HP last week and Acer now blaming their misfortunes on the "tablet" effect/market when they themselves make tablets -- the TouchPad and Iconia respectively -- just not popular tablets yet. Of course they're not going to name a competing product like iPad, but neither should they blame a mythical "tablet" space -- just their inability to thus far compete in it.

Acer has previously called iPad -- and iPhone -- a "mutant virus" and said iPad market share would drop to 20%.

Unfortunately for Acer, they've yet to find a cure for this mutant virus fever, and worse, it doesn't seem like they're looking. (Here's a hint: look for the sings that point to make great products with fantastic experiences that delight consumers and figure out how to price them competitively.)


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Acer reports quarterly losses, blames iPad "fever"


I don't think this site is informational anymore... if it is, I can't tell. It seems like every box in this selling me something. Sigh, I used to actually like this site.

I don't have a problem with the information or articles here. But, I see that annoying Android robot at least ten times for every one time I see the iOS one.

Netbooks carved out a market by offering something that laptops lacked -- an even more mobile profile with better battery life, at a low cost. The iPad has come along and improved on both of those factors, while holding roughly the same on price.
Netbooks still have a niche, but the niche has shrunk from "the most mobile computing device" to "the most mobile computing device upon which you can perform regular (i.e. Windows) computing tasks."
That is not a fever -- it is a market redefinition, and Acer is going to have to adjust.

Could be...I rarely use Windows anymore, but I find myself rooting for Windows 8 to get more viable competitors in the tablet space. It feels distinctly odd to root for Microsoft to prevent a monoculture.

Acer needs to wake up and smell the roses.
Get with it and make a GREAT product and you may one day pass Apple...Not
Wine, Wine, Wine

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I have no interest in owning a tablet any time soon but I will say this; I would buy a tablet (any of them) before I ever consider buying a netbook. Worst product category ever. Sorry Acer, you lose.