Add Dish to the list of companies considering T-Mobile acquisition

Add Dish to the list of companies considering T-Mobile acquisition

Satellite television company Dish is considering making a bid for T-Mobile in 2014, expanding its footprint beyond just TV, reports Reuters.

Dish is the second company rumored to be making an acquisition bid for T-Mobile US. Last week the Wall Street Journal reported that Sprint plans to make a bid for T-Mobile as well.

Dish lost an opportunity to acquire the nation's third-largest wireless company, Sprint, earlier this year when Japanese telecom giant Softbank bought a controlling interest, and has apparently been looking at T-Mobile. T-Mobile is a distant fourth compared to Sprint and larger rivals AT&T and Verizon.

Reuters says that Charlie Ergan, Dish's chairman, hopes to put the billions of dollars in wireless spectrum his company has amassed in the past few years to more use. Dish has been talking with Deutsche Telekom AG, T-Mobile US's majority owner, about the possibility of a buyout. None of the parties involved would comment for Reuters' article.

T-Mobile's had a banner year. In April it began to carry the iPhone. Paired with its "Uncarrier" plan, decoupling cell phone subsidies and streamlining rate plans, expanding its 4G LTE footprint, the company's added more than a million subscribers this year. The company is resurgent following AT&T's failed 2011 acquisition attempt.

One thing's for sure: T-Mobile is in a few different investors' crosshairs as a potential acquisition target. Depending on how the Feds react, 2014 could look very different for cell phone customers in the US.

Does the idea of Dish or Sprint buying T-Mobile please you or fill you with dread? Should T-Mobile US try to forge ahead alone? Tell me what you think in the comments.

Source: Reuters

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NoNexus says:

This needs to go to all the Mobile Nations sites since I think it pertains to them all.

I said it over on Android Central that your choices are Sprint or Dish, Sprint obvioulsy being the better choice...

Johnbibbs says:

I don't do business with Dish or Sprint due to past experiences...

If either were to acquire T-Mobile then I'm not sure who my new cell carrier would be. T-Mobile is my current favorite by far, hopefully they will continue ahead on their own.

Derrick4Real says:

Dish could have legs cause they had the money to bid for the more expensive Sprint. As a sprint user though i'm thrilled they didn't buy Sprint cause the CEO is a crazyman. As for buying Tmobile i don't know if it hurts or helps sprint. I just want them to make the network faster and better. I do fear what decreasing competiton would do should tmobile get merged with one of the other three carriers. I also fear that all the positive progress of tmobile recently under current management will be ruined by the Dish guy. Rumors i heard were he's not exactly level headed.

The Reptile says:

Forget what we think, the government would favor Dish over Sprint in an acquisition. And Dish sees this as a likely last chance to get into mobile, so I'd pencil them in as the winner right now.

asuperstarr says:

Dread .... I believe having more options will keep the prices down and make all of these companies competitive. Which in the end is better for us.

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