Flappy Bird demise caused by addiction, not Nintendo

Flappy Bird may have flown away, but the media attention continues. Despite having an apparent issue with the attention, developer Dong Nguyen has taken the time to speak to the team at Forbes outlining his reasons for pulling the insanely popular game. And it doesn't have anything to do with Nintendo, apparently.

“Flappy Bird was designed to play in a few minutes when you are relaxed,” says Dong Nguyen, in an exclusive interview, his first since he pulled the plug on the app. “But it happened to become an addictive product. I think it has become a problem. To solve that problem, it’s best to take down Flappy Bird. It’s gone forever.”

So, Nguyen has done humanity a favor and saved us from ourselves. Or something like that. The rise to success was something pretty spectacular, despite it being one of the most rage-inducing games of recent times.

Of course, if you really want that same style of gameplay, the Flappy Bird sensation has already spawned a number of clones and rip-offs – Pro-tip: don't play Ironpants if you really don't want to smash your phone into a wall.

So, did Nguyen really do us a favor? Or do you think there has to be more behind this than perhaps he's letting on?

Source: Forbes

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Reader comments

Flappy Bird demise caused by addiction, not Nintendo


I think that there is clearly something more going on here. First it was because it was interfering with his simple life now its an "addictive game."

Who walks away from an app that makes $50,000 a day? The game has been in the app store since May 2013 and just hit its stride in popularity.

There must be some hidden issue that has caused Nguyen to take his action.

Word is being rich and famous in Vietnam is not a good thing for ones self and their families. He was supposedly receiving death threats and such.

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There's something else going on. I'm a developer and this is every developers dream. And it's not just programming, it's life. You do things to be successful at whatever you do. This would be like Lebron James quitting because he's too good, or Apple closing it's doors because their products are too popular.

Nguyen isn't everyone's mother, he's out to make $$ like most others. We will see Flappy Bird branded with a big name game maker is my prediction.

Can you imagine that press conference?
Lebron James: "Well, because of my talent, people are watching too much basketball. I only intended people to watch a quarter here and there. So I'm going to quit so that everyone spends less time watching basketball." Presumably people would then just go back to watching Football Crush Saga.

I have a feeling that there was more happening here on the Developer's side.

IMO, he's gotten what he wants. He's gotten press released about him, and a lot of people interested in him as a developer whether it's hate, love, or respect. I could see him having a moral center and not wanting people to hate his games, though it's a cash cow, he doesn't have to keep it because he has the press now interested. A few weeks/months from now we'll see a headline that says "Flappy Bird creater makes new game" and more people will play it. I could see him thoughtfully designing it so that it fits his design dreams of something to make people laugh, not something to make people cry. That's how I would feel if I created the game at least.

This reminds me of the poet who wrote the poem "purple cow" which made him extremely popular. He hated it because he thought it was a stupid poem and he had written many better poems. He finally wrote:
Ah yes I wrote the purple cow
I'm sorry that I wrote it
But I can tell you anyhow
I'll kill you if you quote it

Yes and thanks to that addiction
I just sold a unlocked 64gb space grey 5s for $4,500 on Craigslist in Tx
I got one left now so let's see if this sells, this time I'm going to include my iTunes account that has about $4,000 worth of apps, music, and movies

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Yep and I'm meeting a guy today at 4:30
Can't believe this
Almost as nice as hitting a lottery

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Really? That's the justification?
A capitalist turned humanitarian?
O K .

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There is more to this story. First of all the idea of games is for them to be addictive. Who creates a game that no one wants to play? I smell copyright issues.