Adobe announces Flash Media Server 4.5, will deliver video to iPhone, iPad

Adobe announced Flash Media Server 4.5, will deliver HTTP streaming video to iPhone, iPad

Adobe has finally announced support for simultaneous Flash and HTTP video streaming from the Flash Media Server product. This means that devices that don't support Adobe's Flash player or plugin, like iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, will instead get HTTP streaming videos. Same content, same server, easier for broadcasters, easier for users. And it only took years. (Microsoft announced something similar for Silverlight back in November of 2009.)

Adobe has created consistency with Adobe Flash and Adobe AIR running on more devices than any other platform. With Flash, publishers are assured that protection, transport and quality is consistent across MAC, PC, Linux, Android and Blackberry Tablet OS. Apple iPhone and iPad have had a significant impact how consumers experience and engage with video and have changed the industry. Publishers are now faced with a challenge and forced to prepare content for delivery through HTML5 to play in the Apple Safari browser or native Apps. Now publishers can simplify their video publishing and protection workflows with Adobe Flash Media Server 4.5 with protected HLS support, audio channel extraction, DVR/PVR live, on demand and variant playlists. One set of content without any preparation or additional storage and deliver safely to both Adobe Flash with HDS and to Apple devices using HLS.

Yes, you can use the same assets (if they are encoded to Apple Specs) and the same server to prepare, protect and deliver both to HLS to Apple devices and HDS (HTTP Dynamic Streaming) to Adobe Flash Player.

Welcome, Adobe.

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Reader comments

Adobe announces Flash Media Server 4.5, will deliver video to iPhone, iPad


lol..its a bout damn time. Seeing a gray square with the word "Flash" really does nothing for me, personally. I'm happy to see this.

It launched [as in you an buy it] but most CDNs are still on 3.5 so jumping to 4.5 may be a stretch. CDNs move pretty slow. may not see high adoption rates of FMS 4.5 for quite some time.

Exactly, this was always a non-issue because flash video is encoded as H264 which gets converted on a iOS device.
Adobe should have been working on a way to use non-video Flash elements that don't eat up your entire CPU. Kind of a "so what?" development if you ask me.

They already have done that on the other platforms. Flash elements don't suck down anymore power than HTML5 elements. It all depends on if the element is "active" or "passive". That's all on the designer making the elements.

Several commenters are confused here.
FMS is the #1 streaming server used by "every" live/vod streaming CDN. This upgrade is purely about streaming technology and has nothing to do with Flash Player on iOS [or swfs].
This is all about broadcasters reaching a larger audience without having to leave FMS for Wowza/similar or having to manage multiple file formats/live platforms.
Rene, remember in '09 they were expecting Flash to be on iOS so this wouldn't have been a necessary move.

Seriously that's what I want to know, too. Will we be able to see all of the free Amazon Prime videos on the iPad finally?

So let me get this correct...if there is a particular website that broadcasts live video feed, i will be able to view it without any problems?

Sounds great. Now we need to get web developers to stop using Flash for things such as displaying images, menu structures, search boxes, etc. Aye, some web developers are just crazy.

The GPU support will help with that but it also comes down to the content. It is like software, if your computer can't handle'll drag.

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