Adobe Lightroom for iPhone

Adobe Lightroom comes to the iPhone

Adobe has released Lightroom for iPhone for editing and organizing your images no matter what device you have with you. The app syncs edits, metadata, and collection information with Lightroom 5 on the desktop, as well as Lightroom on other devices, like the iPad. Lightroom for iPhone requires one of Adobe's Createve Clouds subscription plans in order to use.

You can edit pretty much any time of photo using Lightroom for iPhone, including large files from DSLR cameras. Editing tools include Smart Previews and a number of presets and tools that should be familiar to anyone who has used the desktop version of Lightroom.

Lightroom for iPhone also provides a number of organizational tools. You can choose to import photos from your iPhone's camera roll automatically. Photos can be quickly flagged and rejected. Any photos you import will be synced back to Lightroom 5 on the desktop.

You can pickup Lightroom for iPhone for free from the App Store now. Note that it is a new app, so anyone with Lightroom for iPad will need to download the iPhone app separately.

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Adobe Lightroom comes to the iPhone