Adobe Lightroom product manager demonstrates RAW processing on iPad

Adobe Lightroom product manager demonstrates RAW processing on iPad

If editing DSLR photos on an iPad in their original, RAW format is the holy grail for many professional photographers and hobbyist alike, editing DSLR photos on an iPad, in RAW, using Adobe's workflow is likely the holiest of holies. It just might also be a reality, if not today, then at some point in a future that's near-ish. In fact, it's already been previewed on popular photography podcast, The Grid. Here's the description:

Tom Hogarty, Adobe's group product manager for Lightroom, brings a sneak peek to the future of processing raw photos on a tablet. Although Tom wouldn't reveal a launch date for the new prototype he did demonstrate some of the features on an iPad, and also offered several details about its features.

My RAW workflow today consists of yanking the SD card from my camera, slapping it into my rMPB, loading images into Lightroom (or more often, Aperture), right-clicking, and choosing Edit in Photoshop. When it comes to photography, I'm still a truck driver. Of course, that workflow comes with a camera bag that often feels as heavy as a truck.

The idea of being on the road, with only a DSLR strapped across my shoulder and an iPad mini in my jacket pocket, and being able to pull in photos, in DNG Smart Preview, and triage and pre-process them... That idea holds a lot of appeal. And it feels like the future.

No word yet on when, where, and how Lightroom for iPad will appear, or how well a full on RAW workflow will really perform, but I want it now. If you shoot RAW, let me know what you think -- is Lightroom for iPad in your future?

Source: The Grid via The Verge

(Demo starts 18 min. in.)

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Adobe Lightroom product manager demonstrates RAW processing on iPad


The ipad will have problems with editing not because of power but because fingers are not as pixel accurate as a mouse or stylus. We Since we use photoshop for all but the simplest edit, this wont be an issue for us, but it will be for some.

We shoot RAW, so this is good news, but for us, Lightroom plays its biggest role in managing our catalog - a catalog that exists in folders (gasp) back on a computer (a NAS, really). If the iPad version allows us to do the same things to the same repository - the article hinted at some image - not management - syncing mechanism, but I suspect it will be tied to Creative Cloud - we will probably pick it up. If not, nope.

Mfff, my workflow includes minimal LR tweaks and then mostly using Nik collections like color efex pro 4, or silver efex 2. I still need a decent computer with a mouse to do what I do... Guess I'm not the target for this kind of products...

I love the idea of using proxy raw photos on my ipad. I mainly want to tether the camera and view them on the ipad4 as they are being shot. Also some organizing and simple editing would be great if it is compatible with lightroom.