Adobe thinks Apple's new cross-compiler policy is great, lack of support for (non-existant) Flash player not so much...

Like Google, Adobe is also over-joyed at Apple's newly changed and clarified developer license agreement, specifically the part that now allows cross-compilers like Flash CS5 Packager for iPhone:

Apple’s announcement today that it has lifted restrictions on its third-party developer guidelines has direct implications for Adobe’s Packager for iPhone, a feature in the Flash Professional CS5 authoring tool. This feature was created to enable Flash developers to quickly and easily deliver applications for iOS devices. The feature is available for developers to use today in Flash Professional CS5, and we will now resume development work on this feature for future releases.

It's not all rosy in Adobe land, however, as they point out Apple still won't let the still not really functional Flash player for mobile onto iOS:

Adobe will continue to work to bring full web browsing with Flash Player 10.1 as well as standalone applications on AIR to a broad range of devices, working with key industry partners including Google, HTC, Microsoft, Motorola, Nokia, Palm/HP, RIM, Samsung and others.

I've used Flash Player mobile 10.1 on my Nexus One. It works worse than Flash for Mac which has been around for years and is still horrible (even with hardware acceleration). Flash for BlackBerry and Flash for Palm still haven't shipped and are so late they could verge on vaporware at this point. Despite Adobe talking about Flash for iOS (then iPhone OS) since 2008, it simply doesn't exit.

So yes, yay, Flash games and apps can now be ported to iOS. Whoosh, another 2000+. But let's get Flash player working really well on just one mobile platform before we whine about it on iOS again, shall we?

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Reader comments

Adobe thinks Apple's new cross-compiler policy is great, lack of support for (non-existant) Flash player not so much...


On the one hand, I'm disturbed this will end with apps getting stuck in approval purgatory while tons of crap from Newgrounds gets rejected left and right.
On the other, the potential for quality games like Super Mario Crossover (I said like, I know Nintendo will sue for years) to finally make it to the iPod Touch is awesome. Additionally, this is a great opportunity for adult swim games to step up their game and bring more of their library to us. Look at the success of Robot Unicorn Attack!
I don't give a damn about flash websites. And it's way too late to try and make me care.

John C. Bland II,
No, it's only you and people like Dowdell who are saying cross-compilers for Flash are great. We are always for cross-compilers that didn't rely on Flash. Give me a break, you were the same type of retards that when 10.1 would come out, that everything would work great on mobile. Well, let's be clear, it only works decent when content is optimized for mobile. Get a clue. Just because ONE VIDEO works well on an Evo - big deal! On the Droid X, all content stutters, even that optimized for mobile. You want to know why Flash is flawed, people like you and Dowdell need to take a look in the mirror and you will quickly see why Flash is doomed to fail. Maybe if Adobe got Flash to work, then you'd see Flash on the iOS. Until that day, no way, no how.

Key point is that Flash is optional, doesn't load if you set it not to or set it to load when clicked. Having a Nexus, Rene knows Damn well, just like all of us Android users with Flash out here, that there are plenty of sites where it plays just fine, no slowdown whatsoever. I've played plenty of Flash content right here at TipB on my Evo. It's so nice to not have to leave the browser page to watch a video. So is Rene truly saying that he doesn't want to be able to view his own sites content on his iPhone? When you can't view your own site properly on your phone of choice something is terribly wrong. That's why this whole anti Flash argument kills me. There is so much positive that it brings to outweigh negative, and it's totally optional.

it's funny how adobe is complaining and yet it was said to them ' get this working well - and come back to us ' and they never did .. they haven't got it working well on the android platform, or on my mac .. how the hell are they going to do it on the iphone ?

from what i'm reading flash 10.1 for android works well some of the time, studders some of the time, and freezes completely some of the time. i know you can turn it off but that sounds a whole lot like "hold it different".
on the other hand html 5 never bogs down anything, and i don't have to turn it off.

Adobe has already announced that they gave the final version of Flash Player mobile 10.1 to RIM, HP/Palm and other partners back in June. It's up to them to implement it in their smartphone OS. However, just like when Google launches Android 2.2 and needs to wait for hardware makers to catch up, Adobe is now waiting for RIM and HP/Palm to include Flash.

The key point is :
Why, if you are so happy with the fandroid experience, are you reading (let alone commenting on) an iPhone dedicated site? Does someone have insecurity issues?

Another thing to consider for all the "punch the monkey" crowd:
If flash 10.1m is soooooooo awesome and runs sooooooo well, where is the video of the copy adobe has running rocksolid on an iPhone? It's not like they can't make a version that would run and then publicize the ever loving hell out of it... Unless of course they can't get it to run right and just want to defile MY iPhone with crapware...

Makes you wonder if Jobs was right to exclude flash from the iphone from the onset. Because for all the moaning flash is still not running on loads of other platforms

Flash has never run perfectly on desktops (especially on Macs) so why would anyone want it on a mobile device. Adobe has tried to get Flash on mobile devices since the old Windows Mobile days and has failed. Now they got a version to sometimes work on some Android devices and people call this good. They like the choice of having it even though it's terrible. Some choice there. Some of you really need a reality check. Just because something is possible it doesn't mean it's good either. The same people complain about bloatware on mobile but think this is good. Why would you want a halfway functional application on your personal device. Wake up people and stop falling for crapware. Hardware manufactures don't need to catch up Adobe needs to create Flash that works perfectly on all devices before they make a big stink about one device that won't implement it. Adobe is showing their nothing more than cry babies and bringing as many as possible to cry for them.

Freaknasty, might I suggest that you may be better served by one of the dozens of currently available fandroid based tablets? Oh, wait, nevermind....

I was under the impression that Apple's new policy was good for developers but that it had nothing whatsoever to do with Flash on the iPhone.

Wyatt I can say the same thing about the iPhone and making calls. Why include a function when it works piss poor? Not to mention data, bluetooth and proximity issues. Honestly my ipod and your iPhone are about the same device. Apple needs to fix that ass pain that is Itunes before it tries to ban anyones software.

I could care less. I don't want flash on my iPhone. I don't have it on my pc and never want it. It's crap.

Adobe has some great products. Flash is not one of them. If they can't demonstrate a decently working version on the smartphones that are out there now, why whine about Apple telling them to pound sand.

The point is that having Flash Player 10.1 support on the Iphone should be an option. Of course html5 is superior. I own an Iphone 4. I dont eat everything that Steve Jobs feeds me. I don't care if a to be released Flash 10.1 is considered by some as "crapware" on the Iphone. You can see that there are a countless amounts of flash sites out there. It's what everyone is using.. Hello? Your going to tell me that Adobe 10.1 in it's final released form is not going to run correctly on many of these sites? I want the option to be able to have this software. Face it, Adobe Flash Player is not going away in the near future. The majority of media on internet websites is Flash. So, give us the choice whether we want it or not. Its a shame that Jobs with his business or egotistical tech views is preventing the release of this software. It should be about what the people want. Its a similar business practice when apple pulls apps in the market that improves ios features. I don't think it helps when people agree with everything Steve does. Its most important what you want as a user and I think Apple/Steve Jobs loses focus of that.

AC, can you show me anywhere that Adobe has been able to get flash to run properly on an iPhone? If not how can you blame Steve Jobs for keeping it off the iPhone? There is NOTHING stopping adobe from creating a working version and releasing it on cydia except the fact that they can't get it to run.

I do agree if they really wanted get it out there, they could choose Cydia. Although, you don't really see the big name companies releasing anything on Cyndia, thus far. Adobe might not even want that for their business model. One of the features of Flash 9-10 is the technology to try and prevent people from circumventing media sites videos off the net. Apple is a cash cow. They don't have to want what the users want, but dictate what they want.
Steve Jobs is not accommodating to Adobe at all. He has made it clear what he thinks is the future of streaming media (which is factual) and where he is going with it. Even know half of the Apple users that aren't blind followers of Steve, know that this could quite possibly help with the smart phone experience and are not even given the choice. If he wants what the Iphone users want then he would be proactive on making it happen.
As far as the question of Flash 10.1 running on an iphone? I feel that there would be even more potential of it running opiminally because the Iphone IOS is based upon the Unix OS which has been around for YEARS, and you would think that with the maturity of IOS, it would be the easiest to implement. Frash, of course is being worked on. It can play many flash games on the net.

Recently a Ford crashed into my car. Now I believe all Fords should not be allowed on my roads. All Fords cause traffic jams and crashes... or could it be something to do with the driver? Build a bad Flash app and it'll crash or cause a traffic jam. Build a bad IOS app, it'll crash, cause a jam.
I've been developing apps using in different environments for many devices for years. Sometimes they crash and jam. My fault - not the car's fault. Stuttering video is a fact of life - bandwidth/CPU performance vs video data rate is the issue. Who encoded the video? Did they encode versions for different devices? Or is it up to Flash to accommodate for all you gentlemen amateurs out there.
But HTML 5 is the way to go they say - yes HTML 5 is a fantastic step forward. But HTML 5 isn't a video compression. Some people seem to think HTML 5 has a magic button to create smooth apps. Not so. HTML 5 is just some new tags to help structure a web page. It will allow video to play without the evil Flash plug in. But what if the video is incorrectly encoded? What if there is some heavy javascript in the background? I guess you still want client side interaction don't you? Same issue guys - what if it has to work on IE6/7/8? Drop the partisan loyalties and help us all move on as best we can.

Hi all, - stumbled upon this website inadvertently when roaming across the web this evening, and glad that I did! I do like the design and style and different shades, but I need to point out that I'm having trouble when it loads. I'm making use of Netscape 7 internet browser for mac, and the menu bit fails to line up correctly. i'm convinced I have applied a matching design on a customer's web site, but the menu seems alright on mine. I think the error is with my browser and just maybe it's time to switch!