Adobe Voice helps iPad users make video stories

Adobe Voice helps iPad users make video stories

Adobe on Thursday announced Voice, a new animated video app designed for the iPad. The software lets you create a video story complete with your own narration, imagery, music and motion graphics. It's free and it's available for download now from the App Store.

Adobe envisions the app as suited for anyone who wants to build a more compelling presentation on their iPad — nonprofit organizations supporting a cause, for example, creative professionals prototyping a project, small business owners, even students trying to create a school report.

The app includes story starters to help you get going. A "wheel" of story ideas prompts you along the way, and example videos show what can be done with Voice. Voice also walks you through the process of creating stories step by step using an integrated tutorial, from recording a line of dialogue to picking an icon or phone and adding new pages to introduce content.

A library of more than 25,000 icons are available, along with web content and whatever assets you bring yourself.

Adobe's incorporated cinematic graphics effects inspired by After Effects; you can add features like motion blur, 3D, shadows and many other effects to your presentations. Animated themes are also supported, a little bit of visual flair to help draw viewers into the story. Music is also included, so you can add a bit of a soundtrack to your Voice story.

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Adobe Voice helps iPad users make video stories

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