Adorn your Christmas tree with these iPhone and iPad decorations

Etsy is looking to meet the seasonal needs of Apple fans with a range of tree decorations based upon the iPhone 4 and iPad. If you are bored of your usual colored tree baubles, this could be the year to splash out a few dollars and get your hands on these stylish new decorations.

The handmade decorations are printed onto premium photo paper and mounted onto durable coated cardboard. They come in a small gift box complete with a magnet which lets you use them as refrigerator magnets the rest of the year.

The decorations are 3” x 1.5” and cost $11 plus shipping.  They are available as iPhone 4 or iPad models and you can even specify black or white.

Source: Etsy

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Adorn your Christmas tree with these iPhone and iPad decorations


Totally need to have one, however the price is super steep for cardboard...if they were a plastic or glass than maybe. @FGV make me one of if you are selling them for 5$ I'm in!! hahahahah

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