Aero for iPhone is an iOS 7-style weather experience that's available right now

Aero for iPhone brings an iOS 7 style weather experience that's available right now

Aero for iPhone is a new minimalistic weather app that takes a good majority of its design cues from iOS 7. With gorgeous animations, great font choices, and easy to use menu systems, it's sure to be a favorite with users who prefer lightweight weather apps with great animations over their feature rich but cluttered counterparts.

The main feature of Aero is the interface. If you need live radar maps, super extended forecasts, and pollen leves, Aero is not for you. If you want a weather app with a great interface that gives you a short term forecast paired with current conditions at a quick glance, you'll love Aero.

It's very similar to how the native Weather app in iOS 7 will look and feel so if you want to use something similar in the mean time, Aero's a great option. Some of the animations in Aero may even be better than what iOS 7 will offer. If you're in an area that's currently experience thunderstorms, the animations don't just show rain coming down, you can feel your phone vibrate and see animated lightning crashes. You can also choose to receive push notifications for weather conditions if you choose through the settings menu.

If you happen to try Aero, let us know what you think of it in the comments.

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Reader comments

Aero for iPhone is an iOS 7-style weather experience that's available right now


That's a nice one! Great aesthetics and accurate info which is a rare combination lately. I don't love the icon but that's just me. The temperature badge is nice too! Definitely worth the 99¢!

Well I bought and tried it even though I'm running iOS 7 and I'll use it simply because it gets my home city correct whereas Apple's weather app does not. It really is remarkably similar to iOS 7 weather and looks great. I'll probably eventually go back to the Yahoo app just because it includes a bit more info, but for a very simple weather app with gorgeous visuals this one's a keeper.

Can you change for instance any of the information on the front page? For instance, if I wanted to replace the pressure reading with percentage of rain, could I do that? Thanks.

No it's a very simple app. The only options are for a badge app icon that shows the current temp, push notifications on/off, and a metric system toggle. There's also an icon in the top left to show the hourly forecast.

Does anyone know how to contact the developer of this app? I have a question and can't find an email or twitter account or anything? Thanks!