After nearly a year, Europe gets the Mac Pro again

After nearly a year, Europe gets the Mac Pro again

It was March of 2012 when Apple stopped selling the old, huge Mac Pro in Europe, when the EU enacted a new set of electronic safety regulations and the poor old beast couldn't comply. Apple completely revamped the Mac Pro, of course, and the new unit went on sale on December 30th. Now it's beginning to ship to European customers, according to French language Mac site MacGenerations (via 9to5Mac:

...customers in Europe are now receiving shipment notifications with delivery as early as January 14. According to Apple's online store, customers ordering today should receive their Mac Pro in February.

Are you in Europe? Have you been awaiting the release of the Mac Pro? Do you already have one on order, or are you waiting? Sound off in the comments!

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After nearly a year, Europe gets the Mac Pro again


I had actually forgotten that the Mac Pros were pulled in EU until I read this post. If I were a Euro-Mac user I would be absolutely ecstatic about the prospect of new hardware.

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