AgileBits previews 1Password 4 for Mac

AgileBits previews 1Password 4 for Mac

AgileBits has released new details about 1Password 4 for Mac. Some new features bound for the desktop app this fall come directly from the iOS app, including iCloud syncing. You can now mark certain logins as favorites and store multiple logins for the same website. The browser extension has been redone, having be rewritten in Cocoa.

1Password 4 lets you sort your logins, which you can use to find duplicate passwords, or weak ones, or find out the last time you changed your password. There are new items that you can store, like drivers licenses, and users can now create custom fields when 1Password doesn't have quite what they need. Send something between the iOS and Mac apps using an encrypted email or iMessage.

1Password 4 will be free for anyone that has purchased 1Password 3 from the Mac App Store. Additionally, anyone who has purchased 1Password from the AgileBits store after January 1, 2013 will also receive a free upgrade.

Source: Macworld

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AgileBits previews 1Password 4 for Mac