Derek Kessler, writing for sister site PreCentral.net:

May 15th should prove to be an interesting day on AT&T. They’ve got two new smartphone launches planned, and they couldn’t be more different. First up is a phone near and dear to our hearts: the iddy biddy HP Veer 4G. Threatening to overshadown the Veer, in the most literal sense, is yet another Android mega-phone: the Samsung Infuse 4G. This massive phone is faced with a ridiculous 4.5-inch screen. It’s downright frightening in comparison to the Veer.

Phil Nickinson, writing for AndroidCentral.com:

It's rocking Android 2.2 Froyo, so let's hope we see a Gingerbread update in the near future.

Some random guy, writing for TiPb.com:

AT&T has just finished their Q1, 2011 quarter, which saw 3.6 million iPhone activations, 1 million more than the same time last year.

HP Veer 4G iPhone 4 Samsung Infuse 4G
Screen size 2.63 inches 3.5 inches 4.5 inches
Resolution 320x400 (195 ppi) 640x960 480x800 (207 ppi)
Processor 800MHz ~1GHz Apple A4 1.2GHz
RAM 512MB 512MB 1GB
Storage 8GB 16/32GB 16GB
Camera 5MP rear 5mp rear, VGA front 8MP rear, 1.3 MP front
Keyboard Physical portrait slider Virtual on-screen Virtual on-screen
Thickness 15.1 mm 9.3mm 8.99 mm
Weight 103 g 137 g 131 g
OS webOS 2.1.2 iOS 4.3.3 Android 2.2
Price $99.99 with 2-year contract $199/$299 with 2-year contract $199.99 with 2-year contract

iPhone 4 launched roughly 10 months ago (except for the white version, which launched last week). How crazy is it we're still in this race?

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Rene Ritchie

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So anyone who likes a 4.5 Inch phone is a moron? I really hope the new iPhone whenever its available has a bigger screen than the current one.
Don't assume that every one has the same choice as yours.

Everybody at work has Evos and when they see my i4 their jaws drop because the screen is crisper and more vibrant.

Its called choice for customers... I bought a white iPhone the day it was available and my brother bought a Android on the same day. There is nothing crazy about it.

The iPhone 4 is just a good phone. It has been around a bit but that doesn't change the fact that it's the most well known smartphone and is a first choice for a lot of people.

Its not all that surprising that the iPhone 4 is still among the ranks of mid to.high end smartphones 10 months after launch. The Nexus 1 launched 5 months before the iPhone 4 and has similar internals that keep it in the running even now as well. Last year was the year of 1ghz processors and 512 megs of ram. If Moore's law states that computers will double in power every 18 to 24 months we are right on schedule with dual core 1 to 1.2 ghz phones with one gig of ram coming along now. I'm not certain that smartphones will continue that rate of advancement though. Unless battery technology improves significantly, and soon we will hit a wall at some point. There's also the fact that the software hasn't even caught up with the current generation of phones yet. Its been mentioned on Androidcentral that we'll see quad core tablets by August which may mean phones shortly after that. Although given the extra space in tablets for a bigger battery and the things people use a tablet for the extra power makes more sense there first.

What's also not fair is that Renee listed the clockspeeds of different processors, of which there is no comparison. He needs benchmark tests. I'm not surprised though.

its not crazy. iphones always have a lot of support. I really don't think the veer and the iphone 4g are the direct competition. More like the veer and the iphone 3gs as the price points are closer.

When has an iPhone not been in the race right up until the next gen iPhone was launched? Why is this crazy all of a sudden? Just judging off of specs, my EVO 4G is still a beast almost a year after release. And?

4.5" is an avsolutely ridiculous size. Android still making handsets bigger, to make up for their poor interface and keyboard I see.

Fact. My HTC Vision with themed AOSP is by far better looking (IMO) than pages of icon grids. And Smart Keyboard Pro blows the iPhone keyboard away in almost every way.

I decided to try out the Android platform - bought an Acer Iconia tablet. Been using an iPhone for about 2 1/2 years, was and still am a PC person. Took the Acer back to the store after I tried to purchase an app - turned out to be a fraud, caused my credit card to be blocked for fraud activity - researched and found this was a common issue. Going to buy an iPad 2 now. Never had any issues with scammers with Apple's app store. Say what you will, Android may be a great platform, but it's just too risky. How many of you can afford to have your credit cards/bank accounts drained? I know I'm probably in the minority and most people never have problems - but the 'closed and regulated' app store is just the better way to go, for the peace of mind.

I call BS. Out of all the apps purchased on the Android Market, I'm sure your one app stole all your personal info and was fraudulent and you found it to be a "common issue". What app was it? When did you buy it? What sources do you have showing that this is a "common issue"?

You are trolling again, Erik.
BTW, some dude called you out on a previous post and said your name should now be Trump.
You know, lots of words with no substance and not based on fact. I kind of like it, has a nice ring to it.
Have a nice day..........Don.

How was that trolling? If anything, the original poster was trolling with some blanket statement about Android apps and fraud with no info to back it up.

Missed the point completely. You must be new here.
Erik only posts when someone writes something negative about Android. Pretty quiet the rest of the time........hence, trolling.
Anything else?

Once the CPU manufacturers start the multicore race, the performance difference between CPU generations get less and less as they are bottlenecked by software.
The performance gain from 3G to 3GS was basically double for all ops. From 3GS to 4, probably about 30%. From 4 to 5? It'll be about 20% to 30% for all ops. Up to 2 for the embarrassingly parallel ones. It'll handle system load better, but you'll never see that 2x gain in performance for all ops as seen in the 3G to 3GS transition again.
Fortunately, the Apple A5 has an awesome GPU.
When Android manufacturers ship a 4 core device, the gain from going from 2 to 4 cores is going to be pretty small. Software is barely designed for 2 cores as it is. 4 cores? Heh, it is only now that 4 cores is standard on IMacs and Mac Pros. And we're all ho-hum about it. Smartphone software is even further behind the curve in support for SMP systems.

That's because Apple and Apple GPUs lag behind Windows Software. You're paying a ton more for hardware/software that is inferior to systems that are optimized for Quad Core. Good for you! The best way to keep the economy going is to buy overpriced useless products!!

No. You're just spouting trollish propaganda. I don't think there ever will be time where all or most software will be 4 core optimized, that actually takes advantage of all the cores to the fullest.
The gains from 2 to 4 cores are going to be pretty small for most usage. Only specific apps such as media encoding or computational methods can take advantage of it.

if and when hp releases the "pre 3" can it be compared to either of those two, the veer is an eensy phone meant to easily slip into a pocket. how small? thin credit card with deck of cards thickness. its meant i think for a more dainty crowd. i wouldnt put its specs or capabilities up against my ipod touch lol. but its a nicely capable better than preplus or pre 2 kinda thing.

Still not as thin as an iphone which is even more pocketable. I'm not sure who the HP Kin phone is aimed at. The dainty crowd? LOL The Pre 3 is a bit questionable. The Veer is just downright stupid. HP should have nixed this bad idea and just waited for the Touchpad/Pre 3 if they couldn't do a slab yet. The Veer does more harm for them then good.

gimme a break, iphone way to " tall " for a shirt pocket. i know my ipod is, i have a flap belt carrier for it. also i suspect hp figures there is still a market for the pixie. or cheap entry level phone. in summary if u put iphone in shirt pocket ur not buttoning it closed ie will fall out, in pants pocket ur not sitting down.

No, it not that crazy. iPhone4 as old as it is, is still the latest and best Apple has to offer. So its quite obvious that is is being constantly taken for comparisons. Simply, there is nothing else to compare with.

This is why I love apple they make great products that last a long time and competitive. I'm sorry but 4.5 in phone is just way to big. I really hope apple doesn't go over 4 in.

Who made that idiotic image? 'Biases is us'?
Is this some moronic way to hint that the iPhone 4 is 2x better than a 4.5" Android? Or would an true-to-size comparison actually threaten the "manhood" of Apple fanboys?
I'm an iPhone owner, but this is just ridiculous. But that's par for the course for Rene's articles these days. Is there a tag for this site where I can easily filter out Rene's attempts at writing? Otherwise I'll just stop coming here.

Ahem- Whats this, white iPhone 4 is being re-released as a new device? Cuz apparently thats what this comparison was for, the May 15th released devices.

In this race. Clearly not. The only higher spec the iphone has is its retina display. Sorry but the iphone was outdated 1 month after it came out by the Droid incredible and HTC Evo 4g. And im an apple fan boy so im not trying to be biased. I have an iphone.