Air New Zealand relaunches app for iOS 7, adds mobile check-in and international boarding passes

The iOS 7 app updates continue to roll, and adding to the list is Air New Zealand with a pretty fine looking relaunch for Apple's latest mobile operating system. For travellers that own an iPhone, a good travel app is becoming more and more essential, and Air New Zealand's newest offering fits right into that category. Here's what's new:

  • App name has changed from mPass to Air NZ mobile app
  • New design
  • Link to mobile check in
  • International boarding passes now available
  • Day of travel notifications
  • Enhanced Airpoints™ information, including eVouchers and last five transactions

For frequent flyers, the bottom four points in that list will likely be more important, but it's hard to ignore the redesign. It's a fine example of an iOS 7 optimized application, and it looks pretty impressive. Since the app is recognized by the Air New Zealand kiosks, you can be totally mobile at the airport.

Sadly, since I'm not flying to New Zealand any time soon I couldn't check it out in full, but if this is one of your go to apps be sure to share your experience with us in the comments below!

via Business Traveller

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Reader comments

Air New Zealand relaunches app for iOS 7, adds mobile check-in and international boarding passes


I'm an AirNZ frequent flyer and I love the new app, however the iOS version seems to be html based, while the Android version is a native app which makes the Android a lot more buttery than the iOS app (something you rarely see these days). Thankfully, I've got an Android phone so the experience is beautiful! And yeah, you should come to NZ it's awesome ;-)

I concur! New Zealand is the most beautiful country and Air New Zealand is a very fine airline! Both deserve great apps :)