Air Video update, now supports AirPlay with iOS 4.3

Popular video streaming app, Air Video has just received an update to provide AirPlay functionality under iOS 4.3. The stock Apple TV just became a whole lot more interesting with this update and here is why.

Currently the Apple TV has very limited support for video file types. If you have your media stored on a Mac or PC in any other format than mp4, mov or m4v, the Apple TV will not play it. Using Air Video on an iOS device you can watch nearly all video file types stored on your Mac or PC with the clever transcoding software. Air Video streams your content over WiFi to your iOS device. The file conversion is all done on the fly. Now with the AirPlay update for Air Video, this can now be sent onto your Apple TV or any other device that supports AirPlay. That’s right, AVI files MKV files and many more.

It is an extra step that shouldn’t be necessary; we would like to see apps on the Apple TV like AirPlay to remove the need for the intermediary iOS device. Until that happens though, this is a great way to open up the Apple TV to your non Apple formatted videos.

The AirPlay improvement has to be the most important update that iOS 4.3 will bring to the table; it will be available this Friday. What features are you looking forward to with iOS 4.3? Let us know in the comments!

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Reader comments

Air Video update, now supports AirPlay with iOS 4.3


Am I correct in thinking that I will be able to send my SlingBox and apps to an Apple TV with these AirPlay improvements? If so I'll be picking up a couple Apple TVs as soon as 4.3 is released.

"...we would like to see apps on the Apple TV like AirPlay to remove the need for the intermediary iOS device."
I don't think apps on AppleTV are the answer, since AppleTV is an AirPlay receiver already. What's needed is for MacOS apps like AirVideo to be able to send to AirPlay receivers. Maybe the necessary APIs will come with Lion.

I think Chris is right, we want an app like AirVideo running on the Apple TV, so you can control everything from your TV screen. The problem with sending from your Mac (or any other flavor server) is that you're then controlling things from the back end. That might be OK if you have a MBP sitting in your lap, but many people have their video files on a desktop computer in an office, basement, etc.

I've been using it to convert all my video to m4v so I can just stream em directly from synology box without middle man pc, it likes to go to sleep.

I think this would appeal to me more if all my video wasn't already in my iTunes Library. I don't even know how much I'll use this app since iOS 4.3 will include home sharing through iTunes.

Well the point maybe you're missing here is that AirVideo converts on the fly video types that wont play on Apple TV via iTunes. Flash files etc the iPhone/iPad/iPod touch acts as the intermediary as the Mac u have does the on the fly conversion. I use it for all the things that I CAN'T play via iTunes.

One thing I'm surprised hasn't been mentioned is that Air Video allows you to stream your video to your iDevice anywhere over the internet, even on 3G. iTunes Home Sharing only works on the local network.

I agree. it works like a freaking dream.
My BIGGEST and really ONLY beef with AirVideo is that you can't bulk disable subtitles. I hate having to turn them off on a video by video basis.
I need to email them about that.....

To Justin,
You certainly won't get Sling player and MLB working out of the box with Airplay, it's only if the developers add support for it.
This Air Video update just swung it for me to get an Apple TV tomorrow(other reasons are limited here in the UK without Netflix etc. presence. IPlayer support would seal the deal for many people here too I'm sure)
This also means I can retire my PS3 to the playroom so my kid can play Little Big Planet all day while we watch the bigger TV :)

How high a resolution can you send to an Apple TV this way if, say, the source material is 1080p?

Right now the Apple TV will only decode up to 720p, regardless of the source. As far as where to pull the source video, I only wish I could watch it from my Time Capsule. Hope some of the game devs jump on board too!

I hope Apple TV 3rd gen. will support 1080p. That's the only thing I dislike about the Apple TV. The iOS integration is awesome, especially now with iOS 4.3.

Just upgraded to 4.3 and I can say there is absolutely no difference whatsoever in the functionality of AirPlay over the 4.2.1 version. I mean no difference.
The Air Video app DOES NOT OUTPUT VIDEO over AirPlay, only audio- the video remains on your IOS device (eg iPad in my case)
This makes the claims of IOS 4.3 and those of Air Video App completely false, and the functionality of AirPlay next to useless unless it's going to throw out the video in addition to the audio to the apple tv.
NB: as a side point, Safari is absolutely no quicker and the personal hotspot only available for 4.3 on the iPhone. IMHO there is absolutely no discernible benefit to updating to 4.3 on the iPad, unless you enjoy waiting several hours for the snails pace at which iTunes performs the update.

I've also had no luck with airplay video from the latest airvideo update on my iPad running iOS 4.3. I've updated my apple tv-anyone else had the same problem and overcome it?

Same issue for me - audio only:
"The Air Video app DOES NOT OUTPUT VIDEO over AirPlay, only audio- the video remains on your IOS device (eg iPad in my case)"

I installed latest versions of iOS on iPhone and Atv2, then downloaded the air video app. I had the same problem as a lot of others: I could stream video and audio to my iPhone but only sound to atv2. Having a little play, I managed to get a home video taken on my phone to work through the photo app, then immediately went back to air video, and voila, it streamed both video and sound through to Atv2! Now I just need a faster computer to convert Mkv files so that it doesn't skip all the time!


THANKS! Just reset my ATV 2 as above and now it works fine, video (.avi) and sound on the ATV.

And yet, your experience of the world doesn't match up with mine either. Must be that I'm trolling too, for having a different opinion.

Hi all,
I just looking the solution. to stream AVI, DIVX video files (movies stored on ipad) to Apple TV directly from Ipad without using PC or MAC (air video server).
Is air video on ipad is capable to do this.

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