Is AirView Apple's TV attack on traditional media?

Is AirView going to be Apple's go-to-marketed strategy, using an iOS 4.2 iPad or iPhone and Apple TV one-two punch combo get around tradition media? Following up on the discovery that iPad Netflix will stream to Apple TV, Seth Weintraub figures out the following:

AppleTV is a Airplay-compatible device, meaning it can stream video/sound from other Apple devices. We found out last night that it isn’t just iTunes content that it will be able to broadcast. Any H.264 content from the web can be broadcast over Airplay to your HDTV.

That includes any video that can play on your iOS 4.2 device, like: Facebook video, YouTube, Netflix, Videos, BBC News, MLB and really anything else you can watch on your iOS device. That also includes videos built into Apps and magazine subscriptions too. All of this can be beamed to your AppleTV via Airplay.

John Gruber adds the following, from a friend:

Apps using the built-in media controller views get AirPlay out for free. Apps that don’t (like Hulu) need to roll their own using AVFoundation.

So any iOS app that uses the built-in media playback views is going to be an AirPlay source.

[9to5Mac, Daring Fireball]

When you think about using iPhone or iPad to locate and bookmark video -- much faster than any remote driven TV device could ever do -- and then shooting it over to enjoy on the big screen, the plan does seem to come together, doesn't it?

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Reader comments

Is AirView Apple's TV attack on traditional media?


Apple tv was never a blip on my radar, but for some reason it is now. Im not a devout apple fan, I only own the iPhone.
I know I can watch netflix on my PS3, but for some reason, I think I can use this to replace my cable. Maybe apple marketing has gotten to me; someone please convince me otherwise.

Are they actually calling it AirView? I thought it was just AirPlay (for both music and video streaming). Whatever it's called, I'm looking forward to it!

AirPlay is the kind of technology that isn't just created on paper and coded. It's the result of relentless experimentation and refinement until Steve thinks it's finally ready. People who already own iDevices can enjoy content on their Apple TV transparently. And people who don't own an iDevice can use the included Apple Remote to control their Apple TV.

I'm thinking Apple could really be onto something here. I like the idea of TVs as just big dumb displays, Apple TV (or similar) as a converter/bridge device, and the all the brains sitting in your hand or lap. It would make it a lot easier and cheaper to upgrade the components over time. It's a good architecture. Of course, all the electronics manufacturers and content providers will fight them tooth and nail.

I wonder if apple tv is gonna ship with airplay enabled, if so I might have to snap one up in a couple weeks.

What if this is how they get apps on the big screen without a hard drive in the apple tv. Imagine if you could load up your favorite game on the iPhone, stream it to the apple tv and use the iPhone as the controller. Now that would be impressive. Watchya reckon?

I think we are just about to see the beginning of the Apple take over of the television. Some people think that Apple will actually make a TV in the future, and maybe so, but with this new type of technology, it might not be necessary.

I would love to see this compete with cable. I am sure cable big wigs were saying "apple who" not long ago. Going to ne fun the next few years to see how all this plays out.

Being able to put anything up on the TV from the iPhone off the net is the only thing that really looks cool but not worth getting an Apple TV just for that. Everything else seems like an extra step just to watch something; Rent show, put on iPhone, stream to Apple TV...Maybe I've got it wrong?
If you don't watch a lot of TV maybe this is the way to go. But if you rent two 30 minute shows a day that's $60 right there for only 1 hour per day of content. I pay $60 for cable right now so that's not very appealing for how much I get in comparison.

I cancelled my cable TV this week. Between our Samsung Internet TV (which gets Netflix and Hulu Plus) and Apple TV, we are going to go without. Even though we don't have our Apple TV yet, we've been trying this for the past month and decided to pull the trigger on Thursday. It helps that we primarily watch movies and rarely watch local TV or Sports. I have to figure out how to get Amazing Race (digital antennae maybe) for now, it's great.

I'm hoping that more apps will start using the tv out. The av cable at $50 is still a better option than having to tie up two devices to watch something.
And if the apple tv runs the same software as the iPhone and iPad, why would we need to tether the devices together? Why couldn't I open netflix on the apple tv instead of streaming it from another device?

@AZMerf - ..."Samsung Internet TV "... From what I hear, the Samsung Internet TV is great! And that's why I think Apple should not develop their own Apple branded internet TV. Better to do deals with Samsung, Sony, and all the TV makers to embed Apple TV technology. Sort of like what they did with automakers with iPod compatibility. (Then again, and here I go with the math again, Apple could do something like add more vertical pixels to the 1920x1080 HDTV format, to allow an "app switcher" or something like it below the actual TV image. After all, iOS is now 960x640, and if you multiply that by 2, you get 1920x1280, for 200 more vertical pixels than standard 1080 resolution...)