All 700 Orange and T-Mobile shops to be re-branded as EE by the end of the month

Today EE (formerly Everything Everywhere) announced that all 700 of the Orange and T-Mobile stores will be re-branded as EE by the end of the month to coincide with the 4G roll out. The news arrives along with some special EE staff training that is happening at the NEC in Birmingham where 12,000 internal staff and 3000 partners will learn about the new brand.

It's interesting times at the moment in the UK for EE , who own both Orange and T-Mobile UK. We have mentioned in various posts about the company rolling out their new 4G LTE service in the UK at the end of October, the first network to do so in Great Britain.

I popped into my local EE store earlier today and although they have the new EE sign above the shop the internals are still very much Everything Everywhere. But, that will change over the next few weeks so I suppose I had better plan another visit soon.

As well as EE having the new 4G service coming real soon as a huge selling tool, I am pretty sure that they are the only retail chain in the UK where every phone on display actually works. Using dummy ones is a total waste of time in my opinion so kudos to them for that. If you want a 4G iPhone 5 then EE is the place to be at the end of the month!

Keep your eyes peeled for more EE news soon including price plans and data tariffs

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Reader comments

All 700 Orange and T-Mobile shops to be re-branded as EE by the end of the month


Wait. They're just now getting LTE? I thought our country was the one behind in technology.

(Not being sarcastic)

There WAS a time when we were ahead, but we've been sitting on our laurels for far too long, and even America has now overtaken us.

When we adopted GSM in the UK, america was still YEARS behind on analogue, but it's now US that's falling behind.

With the launch of EE's 4G LTE network, I hope it catapults us back into the running for technology leader again.

And while EE are rebranding their shops, perhaps they will introduce a decent logo.

The current one looks like it was designed by my 8yr old son!!!! (Sorry EE, but it does)