The all-new, all-adjustable Glif

There's a new Glif in town, and this time it's adjustable. That means it can not only fit any iPhone you throw at it, but any phone, and in almost any case. Studio Neat:

The Glif is a smartphone accessory with two primary functions: mounting your phone onto a tripod, and propping your phone up at various angles. The design is simple, yet out of this simple design emerges countless uses. Mount your phone to a tripod for taking great pictures or making movies. Prop your phone up to watch videos on the plane or check Twitter while you eat breakfast. All of that and more in a compact design that is manufactured in America.

I love the original, and the sequel looks better in every way.

$30 - Buy now

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Reader comments

The all-new, all-adjustable Glif


That's great because my iPhone is my primary video shooter so no more finding random things around the house to lean my phone against for the perfect spot.

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My problem is more with the Joby, which is commonly used as a tripod for the GLIF. The Joby has a plastic ball that allows for adjusting the angle of the camera, but nothing to tighten it. This wears out quickly and you are left with a limp GLIF. I wrote to them and they confirmed it was an issue and said there was nothing they could do to help.

I bought the Flex iStabilizer the second round and it doesn't suffer from any of those issues. The mount I believe can also be used on other tripods, and is spring loaded so can adjust to even the biggest cheap plastic phones. (only defect is the metal on the closing end - put some duct tape on that to protect your iPhone)

Interesting but a little more on the photographer side or a real geek. Thanks for the insight!

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Awesome...had the original for my 4S and it was a really nice thing to has around...hope it has the adapter for a keychain still!

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Started as a Kickstarter campaign, and now they have their own little company. Impressive. And GLIF seems like a really handy mount to have. I think I might get one.

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Had it on my 4S as well, and always had to be really careful due to the Invisibleshield. I was gonna buy it for my 5s but decided not to. This new designed changed my mind - just ordered! Now my Invisibleshield will be safe.

Great point...I had issues with it digging at my screen protector at times too but this design appears to recognize that flaw and modify appropriately...

Ah... Mr. Ihnatko would be proud. He loves his Glif! And rightly so.

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