Super-dimensional stretching iPhone to iPad concept video

What if, when you pinched-to-zoom in iOS, it wasn't just your pictures or website that got bigger, but your entire device? Start with an iPhone 5. Pinch. iPad mini. Pinch. iPad. That, and fingerprint scanning, Siri mission-control, and more are shown off the Atama Studios concept video above. John Paczkowski from AllThingsD calls it insane but great. What else could you call Apple mastering bag-of-holding physics, unstable molecules, or extra-dimensional mass?

I'm just wondering why they didn't show the extra pinch down to iPod nano feature? Carrying it as my watch is my favorite part!

Source: Aatma Studios

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Reader comments

Super-dimensional stretching iPhone to iPad concept video


With all due respect , while that video is pretty cool , I don't see how you could actually make an article out of it at iMore :/
I mean it all cool if you wanted to share this video with those who haven't seen it but to actually start this article with a "What if.."

Yes, certainly, the WSJ's blog posting it makes it way too silly for iMore to post it, because as everyone knows iMore has much less sense of humor and fun than the WSJ on a Sunday...

(Guys, you're negativity is seriously harshening my weekend mellow :) )

Negativity ?! You take it as negative. I see it as constructive opinion. ;) it's not about sense of humor but the more serious " what if " ;)

If we wanted junk , we would go to WSJ ;) we come to iMore for quality articles :-)

By the way, you ever gonna admit that you were wrong in assuming that Nokia had their event last week because of Apple's Sept 12th announcement ?! Afterall they did set that date back in MAY , long before your July 30th prediction. Kudos to nailing the date though :-)

Now on a totally different note , do you personally think iPhone 5 will look like the leaked images ?!


Seriously? This stupid video is worth an article? I thought iMore was better than this...

Nice video, the Siri interaction bit was best.

The contactless charging technology is already with us, so that's not exactly new.

As the the 'rubber band' stuff, that was just science fiction.

Just realized how flushed with icons the iPhone 5 home screens will be... Too much stuff for a 4 inch screen.

I realize this is just a video concept and nothing more however, if this is turns out to be the dimensions for the next iPhone, I won't upgrade for at least 2 years....assuming the "5s" will be a minor refresh. And that's assuming I don't jump ship all together.

Meh this is a decent filler article until wednesday. Cannot wait for Wednesday morning for the announcement!!! Either I will be excited to see that the new iPhone looks nothing like what imore has predicted. Or I'll be exicited to see that imore is indeed as credible as tipb was >:)

C'mon guys..that video was awesome, take it for what it's worth. It gave me a few good ideas and sorta gave me a better idea of what the iPhone 5 would look like and feel in hand...while watching the video, i was comparing it to my SGS 2 (international version)...screen sizes are very similar, only diffrence is the thickness.
Stop getting your panties in a bunch and just enjoy the damn video...Life is too's only a phone. Or someone's concept of what the next one will look like.