Alleged images of 'iPhone 6L' showcase 2915 mAh battery, display and logic board

iPhone mockup

Apple is heavily rumored to be considering two different screen sizes for the iPhone 6, with one model claimed to feature a 4.7-inch display and the other a 5.5-inch screen size. While there have been a steady stream of leaks referencing the 4.7-inch model, there hasn't been much in the way of leaked images when it comes to the 5.5-inch variant, until now. Taiwanese blog Apple Daily seems to be one of the first to post alleged photos of the device, which the website claims will be called the iPhone 6L.

The images showcase a larger and wider display panel, and also compares the display of the 4.7-inch model next to the 5.5-inch variant. The credibility of the photos is still up for grabs, but by taking a closer look we can see that the screw housing, circuit board anchors and flex cables are in the exact same locations as they were on the smaller 4.7-inch model, which is unlikely given the larger and wider nature of the 5.5-inch panel.

Apple Daily also claimed to uncover the logic board, which looks identical to the logic board of the 4.7-inch model. While logic board components of the next-generation iPhone have leaked before, this is the first time we're looking at the alleged 2,915 mAh battery unit for the iPhone 6L. In comparison, the 4.7-inch iPhone is claimed to feature an 1,800 mAh battery, and the current-gen iPhone 5s has a 1,560 mAh unit. At this stage, it is unknown whether the larger battery will provide a long battery life, or whether it is a necessity owing to the larger screen and beefier processor.

The iPhone 6 is allegedly slated for an official unveil on September 9, although there is no indication as of now to suggest that both versions of the device will be announced at the same time. It is likely that the larger screen variant will be launched at a later date.

Are you looking forward to the 5.5-inch variant of the iPhone? What do you think of the iPhone 6L name?

Source: Apple Daily; Via: 9to5Mac

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Reader comments

Alleged images of 'iPhone 6L' showcase 2915 mAh battery, display and logic board


Yeah, most Android OEMs have the same problem. Too concerned with keeping their phones super thin and light to put a really big battery in the smaller devices. It's only the colossal phones (which don't interest me) that get the colossal batteries.

Give me a 4.7" device that can last two days on a charge and I don't care if it's relatively heavy. That's what I was hoping for from the iPhone 6, and also the successor to the Moto X. Probably an unrealistic hope, though.

I am very happy to see that the iphone 6, 5.5 inch is a real possibility.

So is my eyesight.

We will know in 3 weeks.


IMHO, I think they should drop the numbers and C, L, junk..

It's time really to conform to how they do it with MacBooks and iPads.. I honestly don't think we'll see 'numbers' added BACK onto the iPads.. They dropped them last year.. It will just be the next generation of iPad Air and iPad Mini.. They might add an iPad Pro.. at some point.. Just like the Macbook Pro and Air.

I also think the next and logical step is to drop the numbers on the iPhone.. iPhone Classic (C, 4"), iPhone Air (4.7"), and iPhone Pro (5.5")

We'll see though.. Tim Cooks more about product line management.. not sure he really cares about it's name.. It's definitely a different Apple now... Anything goes and we'll see what they do on the 9th..

EDIT: I'm also not convinced thats the iPhone 6 face plate.. it looks identical to the face plate on the FAKE iPhone 6 selling in China.. Would be interested in a teardown of that phone for comparison..

Agreed, they should just stick to iPhone and the model should be denoted by the generation, in this case 8th generation. Technically the iPad stopped being numbered after the iPad 2, the public kept on calling the newer models iPad 3 and iPad 4 but this was never the official designation. The 3rd iPad was marketed as 'the new iPad' when it was released and is now referred to as iPad (3rd generation). The 4th iPad was simply iPad (4th generation) but has since been named iPad with Retina display when it was reintroduced into the product lineup.

Errr...I hate to be the one to point it out, but those bodies - especially the way the screen approaches the bezel on the larger one - are strikingly reminiscent of the Galaxy line.

I'm still buying the larger size iphone as soon as released.

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OMG, I mean, really?? iPhone 6L? People should know it ain't gonna be called that! It's gonna be called the iPhone 6 Air

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Agreed, if Apple wants to be even more greedier this time by charging a lot more I will defiantly go with the HTC ONE M8.

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I hope the battery is true that it's actually bigger than other rumors. But I seriously doubt Apple goes to iPhone 6L knowing calling it iPhone Air would get more sales. I'd still lean to either iPhone and iPhone Air or iPhone 6 and iPhone Air.

I wasn't aware of the other rumors about the 5.5 battery size. I know there were many rumors about 4.7 battery size which are now between two sizes, ~1800 and ~2100 mAh.

5.5 will have a much larger battery, so ~2900 mAh is the only one I've seen. We haven't seen much leaks about the 5.5 model beside today.

I just hope that Apple will release the details on both models on Sept 9th and not a separate media event for the 5.5" one.

I want the 4.7 with a kick ass battery. Have the Note for my business because the S-Pen is such a powerful tool. My 5S is almost perfect, the 4.7 might just make it perfect.

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