Alleged iPhone 6 parts pictured showing larger display [update: or maybe not]

Update: A Reddit post brought to attention by The Verge claims that these are indeed fake. It's claimed the images are actually renders by a chap called Martin Hajek, and not actual part photos. Original story follows.

Original Story: Here come what just may be the first leaked parts for Apple's next generation iPhone 6. Together, the photos show both the back, inside, and front of a bigger iPhone, though it's hard to tell exactly how much bigger. The front specifically shows a gold color option, Touch ID, and a slimmer profile. (It almost looks like a larger version of the current iPod touch form factor...) The photos were posted to Twitter by Sonny Dickson and mornray886.

As always, nothing is official until Apple shows it off on the keynote stage. It's not unheard of for prototype devices to leak, but also for fake images to fall into circulation. Sonny Dickson has provided reliable device images in the past, but says he's not 100% sure about these images at this time. monray886 is an unknown at this point. In other words, treat every rumor and leak with a healthy dose of skepticism.

In the meantime, check out all of the images and let me know what you think — real or fake, and if real, what do you think?

Source: Sonny Dickson, mornray886,

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Alleged iPhone 6 parts pictured showing larger display [update: or maybe not]


render (or maybe real...i would like to buy whoever takes these photos a better camera). i'm skeptical, but it's impressive if it's real.

Makes sense. They want to streamline their designs and I was wondering how long before they made it look like their iPad.

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Exactly like it. I dunno I can't see them going back to the rounded edges (at least I hope they don't)

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The rounded edges make it for easier grip and less of the "digging into your hands feel"

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more like iPhone 6 and iPhone 6c it's very unlikely that they'll drop the "c" line they just created, don't you think?

Looks great plus the corners look rounded for a better hold. I'm really excited about this I just pray the battery is really improved

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The WSJ has said the next generation iPhone would be offered in 2 sizes; greater than 4.5" and greater than 5". They weren't specific. Bloomberg was specific @ 4.7" & 5.5". Of course that doesn't guarantee either of them are right.

What's interesting is how early these leaks are coming out. Previous years, when the iPhone was released in the fall, we'd see leaks around the May / June time frame.

Probably not that great. Apple doesn't care about that, all they care is "it's thinner than last years iPhone"

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Not true every iPhone has either kept or increased battery life, battery life is something they will maintain or increase but never sacrifice.

"Kept" is the key word there. Apple does care more about "it's thinner than last years iPhone" than increasing battery life.

You never know, the iPad 3 was a hair thicker than the iPad 2 and the iPad 4 was the same as the 3 and the Air was thinner and increased battery life and performance.

If the internals are smaller, more power efficient (which is very likely). and because of a taller/wider that will most likely leave room for a larger battery.

I like the current design better as well, hoping for the edge to edge display. With sapphire it could be possible.

I don't know the laws but if Apple were to test these out in public before release, they may still need to have FCC approval.

I remember when the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4 photos leaked everyone claimed they were fake too. This looks pretty legit to me.

I cannot wait to get an iPhone 6. Expecting lot's of new goodies after holding onto this iPhone 4 forever. I deserve it!! Design looks good. Hopefully it's like this because I am so not into the 4-5s design. Ick. Roundy edge is nicer.

Looks promising from the front that's for sure. Hopefully they make the back a little more aesthetically pleasing before release :)

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I think the current iPod touch is right at the thinness-limit.
The mini audio jack being the limiting factor.
What to do... what to do...

Aha! Standard Bluetooth earbuds with the iPhone 6. :-)
And I just got some JayBirds. :-(

Well we have months before anything is confirm. It's so amazing how people are doing whatever to get a glimpse of the new iPhone. I wonder is this done with Samsung phones?

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The iPhone is months out and leaks come like crazy yet the s5 is coming this month and just about no leaks. Apple needs better lock down. Then again they leak these on purpose to drum up the hype train

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Whatever the case maybe this will be the next iPhone I will be waiting for.. Currently using the iPhone 5 and not a big fan of upgrading to an iPhone 5s

I'll actually be stoked if this turns out to be legit! Not necessarily looking for anything bigger as I like the "one-handedness" of my iPhone 5. But I'd go for this larger iPhone in a heartbeat!

Looks like iPad Air or latest iPod touch which I think is awesome. Love my 5s but will definitely trade it in for a bigger screen no matter what. It's the only reason I have a case lol

I hate that I look at spoilers - takes the excitement out of the Apple Keynote announcement but,
YES!!! Apple is making the iPhone I've wanted for a long time.
I highly doubt this is a fake. The precision of the edges and design is just like a iPad mini or iPad Air - both designs I highly like. Also, there is a sim card tray - for all you saying there isn't one.
Also I've been wanting the curved edges to eliminate the tips of my fingers hurting after a long phone call - Shocking - I actually use my iPhone to make calls.
Well done Apple - Not that you could do wrong in my book
Ugh......This is going to be a long wait until its released......

The asymmetric top and bottom bezel along with the re-off-centered FaceTime camera, make it's a bit of hard sell to me even though I do like it aside from that.

I would still like to see the 5" instead of the 4.7". The 5" would have the exact same width as the Original iPhone. And the the iPhone Air, be it 4" or 4.2", would be iPhone Air. The 4" version would only be 5cm wide and super small. Making it "Air" true to its name

The asymmetrical bezel looks bad. Apple always puts symmetry. This is more like samsung design.

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Looks like a mini iPad Mini, as expected.

Just a small point "full time British guy", why are you unable to spell the word "colour"? Spell checking is easy you know, and it's a quick way to separate an amateur from someone who gives a damn. Please try harder.

I think it looks like the combination bettween iPhone devices and Samsung's style. How's about the blend of display? I like the display as iPhone 4, 4S, 5 and 5S.. square.. not "softly" like this...

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IMHO definitive fake... the fully assembled picture is just too much, we rarely saw a device in that stage... but it's a good mockup, they just took the iPad design to the iPhone.

Won't look like the iPads and sure it will have a bigger screen and not because everybody likes a bigger screen! It's about the hardware and quad core needs room and more battery!

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I think that if they hadn't included a picture of the fully assembled one (impossible at this early date) and also had made a window in the back for the cell antenna (a requirement according to our friend "science"), I might have believed these were real.

When I saw them I wondered why the bezel looks thicker at the top than the bottom making the screen look trapezoid shaped. I chalked it up as a fake, that way if it turns out to be real I'll be surprised and it saves me from agonizing over whether to believe or not.