Alleged OS X 10.10 meets Mr Blurrycam ahead of WWDC announcement

WWDC 2014

Today we're expecting to see what's next from Apple on the OS X front and if images – now redacted – from Reddit are anything to be believed some iOS features are indeed making their way to the desktop. The highly blurry images were examined by the folks at MacRumors who having done some digging believe there is a chance they might be real.

Since they've been removed – photo embedded below comes courtesy of The Verge – we'll have to make do with describing what was seen. Notification Center had been given an iOS-style make over, there was now an iOS 7 style Control Center present, a subtly different dock and changes to how Safari looks. Spotlight was also shown to have integrated quick look functionality.

Of course, none of this is remotely real until Craig Federighi takes to the stage and says it is. Not any of these 'features' nor those hinted at names. The good news is that we don't have long to wait to find out. Given the iOS nature of these leaks, though, would you be happy to see them in OS X 10.10, or do you have something more urgent you'd like to see?

Source: Reddit via MacRumors, The Verge

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Alleged OS X 10.10 meets Mr Blurrycam ahead of WWDC announcement


The bottom dock looks just like it would if it were on left or right side of screen.. Not really different..

The flat background on 10.9 is white, and not very translucent. The Mavericks wave wallpaper is 10.9 though, so wouldn't 10.10 have it's own signature wallpaper?

Also, a flat, translucent task bar along the bottom looks very like Windows 7...

Agree. Please don't take away the "glass table" on the dock. At least give me the option to choose.

+1 I don't like the flat look of the dock. It might be fine for some people but hopefully they burry the option so advanced users can have it back the way it is now.

My first thought on this is the dock app icons are unchanged, thus it's either fake or an image from a very early build.
It's hard to imaging an OS X redesign that keeps the same icons (think iOS 7).

As always, grain of salt...

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Interesting that the icons are still highly shaded and not iOS 7 like at all. Presumably this will change.

It's also interesting that every leaked shot of a new piece of tech must be taken on a camera with no ability to focus. I wonder what camera they all use? Perhaps a pin hole camera with a 10 minute exposure time?

I hope they don't unduly mess with the dock. If I want a windows 7 look I will go back to a damn PC.

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Looks like one of the cleaning crew at Apple was pretending to be James Bond one evening. I'll wait 4 more hours to see what's announced before forming an opinion.