Email app Hop makes its way to the iPad, adds multiple account support

Alternate email client Hop makes its way to the iPad, adds multiple account support

Hop came to iPhone a while back and transformed email into conversations in a way that has never been done before. A new version of Hop has just been released and the big bullet point is iPad support.

Along with iPad support the new version of Hop also adds support for multiple accounts, a color coded unified inbox, and more. All these features will extend to both the iPhone and iPad versions and you can pick them up now in the App Store via the link below.

If you use a mail app on your iPhone or iPad that isn't the stock option, which one do you use any why? Let us know in the comments as well as what you think of Hop!

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Reader comments

Email app Hop makes its way to the iPad, adds multiple account support


Just downloaded it to the iPad Air, and it's not updated yet for full iPad support

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Did you have it on your iPad already? If not, try checking for updates now. I notice sometimes I reinstall an app that has a brand new update, the app installs the last version and then shows an update.

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Just redownloaded it. Looks like a December version. No update showing yet.

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yep same here, still the December version...Maybe its like iOS updates, and won't be available til 10am PST! lol

Interesting idea. I am always looking for alternative email apps. Whats the deal with the account support though. All of these new alternative email apps assume we are neophytes using apple mail. Will look again when they implement IMAP.

Are you.... what? The thing COMES with IMAP support from the start. You just felt you had to use "neophyte" today, huh? Well, wrong usage...

Just downloaded it. I have Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, iCloud as options. Want to point out the IMAP option? Also, iPad support? Where?

I contacted the developer and they said Apple hasn't pushed it out yet.

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How have people liked hop? I loved it at first, but think I need to change my workflow to enjoy it more. Ended up going back to but may give it another try.

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I just don't like going to my MacBook and having all the email in the inbox. The developer says that you can move the email and still see it, but I have yet to find that to me true.

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I've been using Hop for a while, and I love that it keeps all emails between people in a threaded chat-like view so you can quickly reference previous messages. Turning on notifications for new "chats," Hop behaves like an automatic "VIP" inbox allowing you to tune out mass-emails.

I use Hop in concert with Mailbox which is best for archiving and snoozing messages to reach "Inbox Zero" on iPhone & iPad. On my Windows PC, Mailbird is my current fav desktop client.

Update is live in the US Store. Updated, still see the same limitations (that with a account, if you archive or move the messages to another folder on your Mac later, hop looks like a one sided conversation) that I can't live with.

Really a shame, as I think it is a great app. I want to love this app. But just too many quirks that would require changes to my workflow to solve a problem that doesn't exist for me. I wanted this to be the app for the set of friends that I actually only communicate via email with. But I won't retrain myself to leave everything in my inbox indefinitely in order to use this app. My inbox is where I keep actionable email. Things I need to address.

I've contacted the developer previously, and they are great and responsive, but told me it looks at all folders. I have yet to get that to work. Only sent and inbox.

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Adding this as a new comment because I don't want it getting missed. Just had a hop chat with their support. I must say, they are awesome. They are adding the iCloud archive folder to the folders they sync, and looks like it is a server side change. Should be updated in 48 hours. I will continue to use this app and support the developers due to this amazing support.

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I just need to know what it supports? I have an iCloud, GMail and Exchange account. If it can't do all three there is no point for me. I have them all in Mail so I wont settle for anything that can't handle the same accounts.