Amazing Google Maps experiences reportedly planned for iOS... sometime, in some form

Amazing Google Maps experiences reportedly planned for iOS... sometime, in some form

Google Senior Vice President of Commerce & Local, Jeff Huber, teased that, new Apple Maps in iOS 6 not withstanding, we might not have seen the last of Google Maps on iPhone or iPad either. Responding to a comment on Google+, Huber said:

We look forward to providing amazing Google Maps experiences on iOS.

Whether that means a native Google Maps app for the App Store, something that brings feature parity with the Google Map Android apps, Huber didn't say. Given the resources Apple's bringing to bear on iOS 6 maps, which includes free turn by turn directions and "fly over" view, a web app or UIWebView wrapper won't cut it.

Since Apple doesn't seem to be tackling transit directions and doesn't have Street View in iOS 6 apps, there's opportunity for Google to attract a lot of users to a proper Google Maps app for iPhone and iPad -- which is something I've been asking for for a while now.

Given the brouhaha that arose when Apple didn't approve Google Voice, it's hard to imagine Apple could get away with not approving a Google Maps app, and given the value of iOS users' location data to Google's business model, it's hard to imagine Google wouldn't make it.

The only question is how long we'll have to wait.

Source: +Jeff Huber via The Next Web

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Amazing Google Maps experiences reportedly planned for iOS... sometime, in some form


I think most people will be happy even if they just resubmit the same app that's been on there. I don't think they are going to provide turn by turn.

That's how Apple does it ( Siri anyone ?) , put the Koolaid down :)
Just wait & see how crappy and buggy iOS 6 Maps will be ;)

to be fair i don't think most of the google apps i've used on ios are that impressive. that said i haven't used many. but google mail is mediocre and looks like a webpage. So i don't think their track record is stellar. I'm hoping for a full fledged google nav app. that would be cool.

Lol koolaid? Grow up. Everything google takes on is in beta. Christ sakes android is still in beta. The problem with them is they take on to many things at once. Instead of concentrating on one thing and making it great. We all know the deal with Siri.

Kool aid? I wish people could come up with some better than that. Anyway, Google is the ultimate king of betas. Guessing you never used Google Voice, or even better Google+ when those apps were released.
Say whatever you like, but I still know I'm correct and would bet $1000 on it.

King of betas on NEW stuff. Maps isn't new and they're just improving it and Apple doesn't have a chance to compete with it. Just the poor resolution on satellite view in new Apple maps is proof enough for you to give me the $1000. Now. :lol: Fork it over :twisted:

Truth be told Google Voice, Google+ and Gmail (yes Gmail is still a beta like in it's 19th version I believe) are all old products by other companies, just because it was new (in its respective time) doesn't mean it is actually new. All of the services I just said are still buggy (Gmail, for me, has been the most stable)so you cannot rip Apple when you baby daddy did and still does the same thing. Both companies release things in betas and take super long to "prefect" it, which is lame for us users become we suffer through the bugs, crashes and other headaches.

Let's think for a moment google will still be the best map app to make search from, then that would mean a other app in the iOS environement that you won't be able to delete but you won't me using ether.. Ok that's not really a question .. Wondering how many app there is on the Surface that can't be delete?

I think you misunderstood what Rene was saying, Apple is moving away from Google in every way it can, so many (including myself) are saying is that Apple will not have Google Maps as a required/app that cannot be deleted, so Google might release Google Maps (hopefully the full version that they have on Andorid) in the App Store. Then you can get the "full" map experience we all have been used to.

And so the wait begins and with great competition between the two companies that will hopefully only result with the user getting the better end of the deal.
It was stated that the Ip4 which I currently have wont get turn by turn or that stupid fly over but if good ol google will provide me with a map app I'll be more than happy to wait

I think Google is going to bring turn by turn and 3D maps to the 3GS and 4 just to embarrass Apple. Why wouldn't they? It's a slam dunk move sure to bring a lot of bad press to Apple. Google wouldn't even have to gloat as the press would be happy to do it for them.

If one wants turn by turn on a 3GS or 4 - there are plenty of apps for that, and none of them are Google. Hit up the app store... you'll find plenty to pick from.

waz is pretty good. don't know if it works on the phones your'e talking about and that telnav is pretty good. Don't know how they compare to google nav but waz is pretty good and a bunch of features and free.

Well yes but not by their chief rival who can make an app matching the functionality Apple is offering for their 4S and 5 users with iOS 6. You think any 3GS or 4 users will choose the hamstrung Apple Maps lite version over a fully baked Google app. I doubt it.

Fascinated to see Google's response. I strongly prefer Google's maps to what I have seen of Apple's maps so far, but to convince most people to use a Google Maps App instead of the buit-in defaults, they are going to have to offer some of the features heretofore only available on Android.

I wish it comes soon. Apple's Map service don't works well in my country (Taiwan), but Google's did. I think it will be a good option until Apple improves their map service enough to meet my need.

If Google is smart, they will provide turn-by-turn to iOS... just to spite and compete head-on with Apple.
I'll use whatever is best. Been using the new Maps in iOS 6 beta, and it looks great and turn-by-turn is amazing, but map detail is lacking, especially in rural areas outside of big cities.
Let's just hope Google doesn't rely on a web app to make it happen!

I have 2 wishes for 2012:
1) The world doesn't end
2) This (Google Maps for iOS) happens. So I don't have to use Apple's crappy implementation.

Why is this Google maps thing such a big deal there are plenty of third-party apps that offer turn by turn navigation in the app store. Want street view go get an android. Google didn't seem to think its map app had any issues until apple decided to build one of there own. For years they left ios users without turn by turn. No thanks I'll keep using waze or iOS maps.

It's "such a big deal" because so many people who live in big cities all over the planet (and don't drive cars) relied on Google Maps for easy-to-use, FREE, efficient and usually accurate public transit info. Get it? About the only thing you said that I agrees with is that turn-by-turn navigation has already been done, countless number of times on iOS since 2009.

How do we know that it wasn't apple that didn't want turn by turn nav with google maps? Also if google maps does not get approved for iTunes they should just release it thu cydia.

I always heard it was due to liability in case the turn-by-turn was inaccurate, and Apple didn't want to get involved in any legal issues that could have arose from it, at the time.

Ah... And the many people who could not get transit info got nothing!
With Apple Maps third parties can hook into maps and allow everyone on the planet to get transit info from within maps!
Apple Maps is much much much better for public transport.

Yes, it is so much better to jump out to a separate application, assuming you can find that one that serves your area, whenever you need transit directions. And you get to repeat the process for each new area you travel to! Even better, some of the transit apps require a paid subscription! What's not to love about Apple Maps!

:lol: @ guest :)
People like frog can turn anything negative into SONETHING positive as long as they have a blindfold on with Apple logo on it ;)

Bring it on. Completion is good.
The current maps in 5 with opt in for ads and tracking is all that Google has to do. Day1 for iOS or before is my guess.

I like street view, but depending what you were looking for, it was hit, and miss. What I would like, I have never seen. Say you are looking for an address in a large office complex. Street view gives you the 0000 DR address. I need to see 0000 suite 7 view. That would be nice. Turn by turn does not always take you there either.

The only problem i have with Street View is that is can be inaccurate due to Google not being able to drive every where all the time (they aint Santa). My town's Street View was back in summer of 2009, you can still see road construction going on and Main Street looks very ratty. Only 2 months later all of Main Street was dug up, new sewage lines and roads fully repaved. But on Street View it will always look crummy, until Google comes thru again.

Google should put the team responsible for their iOS version of google+ on to a new version of google maps for iOS. That google+ app is da bomb.

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