Amazon Cloud Drive Photos comes to iPhone and iPod Touch, 5GB free storage for new customers

Amazon just extended their Cloud Drive offering on iOS, with the launch of the all new Amazon Cloud Drive Photos app. Much like the Android equivalent that launched back in November 2012, you can view, download and upload photos to your Cloud Drive right from your iPhone and iPod Touch.

New Cloud Drive customers will be given 5GB of free storage to get them started, with upgrades available for a yearly fee ranging from 20GB all the way up to a massive 1000GB. And, like competitor Dropbox, Cloud Drive Photos has the capability to auto-upload photos from your Camera Roll to your Cloud Drive, with a WiFi only option also included. It's also another alternative to Photostream, with the added bonus of being able to sync your photos to non iOS devices as with Dropbox.

A personal favorite feature is the large upload mode. This disables the lockscreen in order to complete large uploads, and becomes active depending on the size of your upload queue. One disappointment is that sharing options from within the app are somewhat limited, with just options for Twitter and Mail on offer, along with an option to print.

We're not short on choices for photo backup and sharing on iOS, but which is your preferred service, and why. Let us know in the comments!

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Amazon Cloud Drive Photos comes to iPhone and iPod Touch, 5GB free storage for new customers

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Shutterfly has done everything I needed it to do and has been unlimited and free. Also my wife and I share it so unlimited is key because we both take a lot of photos with our iPhones. I'll still check this out though.