Amazon Cloud Player back in the App Store with a minor update

We've been hearing about the apparent disappearance of the Amazon Cloud Player app for iOS from the App Store earlier today, and while that seemed to be the case it's now back with update in tow. We're not looking at anything major, but its disappearance may have indicated some bugs to be fixed. The full changelog:

  • Updated look for album and artist pages
  • Bug fixes

While there may be an updated look, there's still no proper iOS 7 update, and that makes us sad. In any case, if you needed this and couldn't find it, or just need to grab the update, hit the App Store at the link below.

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Richard Devine

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Reader comments

Amazon Cloud Player back in the App Store with a minor update


My app still looks and acts the same as it always has... With no indication of an update. Maybe it's a completely new app with the same name?
... Or might this update not be available in the US App Store yet?

I don't use this so it doesn't make much of a difference for me. I try to stay away from the competitor's tech unless it's necessary.

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The App Store on my iPhone is displaying a persistent badge indicating there is an update available, yet there is nothing listed for update in the "Updates" list. Weird.
I'd love to have an updated GUI for this app because I have never liked it.

I found were the app has been updated on my device. Sadly it still looks like poo. This app needs an iOS 7 update. STAT!

I've been seeing a lot of news regarding music streaming/cloud based services these last few weeks. I guess this really is the next big thing of the music industry.

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