Amazon finally releases LOVEFiLM Instant app for iPhone and iPod touch

Amazon released a LOVEFiLM Instant application for the iPad quite some time ago, but until now has been noticeably absent from the smaller screen iOS devices. The long wait has finally come to an end today with the release of a version of the app for the iPhone and iPod touch complete with IMDB integration and AirPlay support.

Ultimately, you'll only be making use of this app if you're a LOVEFiLM subscriber, but the absence from the iPhone and iPod touch for so long is confusing. Thankfully LOVEFiLM offers similar video watching features to Netflix, in that if you're watching something on your iPhone, you can then flip over to any other capable device and pick up where you left off. One drawback though; the app listing states that WiFi is needed to stream video, so that could reduce its usability somewhat on the iPhone.

Generally speaking here in the UK, LOVEFiLM has access to a wider catalog of movies than something like Netflix, so the new app may open that up to a whole new audience. At this stage it would have been nice to see an iOS 7 inspired app design, but we'll take what we can get. Grab it now for free from the App Store. Is this something you've been waiting for?

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Amazon finally releases LOVEFiLM Instant app for iPhone and iPod touch


To be honest I've never heard of lovefilm before. I do like we are seeing more options and more competition for companies out there. It forces companiesto stay progressive. Great for the consumer!

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Yes. I added LF Instant to my Prime account with by paying another 30 pounds meaning I pay 79 in total.

I think LoveFilm by post is so much better than anything out there - just wish they had more online. The UK seems to be rather limited in what the movie companies allow to be streamed?

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LoveFilm is certainly the best subscription streaming service in the UK (and a few other EU countries), but they've long lagged way behind Netflix in terms of app availability, and stream quality.

Netflix is on essentially every device which can play it, but LoveFilm is much harder to find, which is odd, given Amazon's resources.

Netflix has been on a decline. Not to many good movies on there anymore. Considering switching.

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