Amazon jumps on the Apple mocking bandwagon with latest Kindle Fire ad

Apple mocking seems to be the hot trend among rival manufacturers of late, and the latest to jump on that bandwagon is Amazon with this, the latest ad for the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9. Can you tell who it's parodying? As with all efforts in this regard, the point comes across that the rival tablet is somehow better than the iPad Air based on a smattering of hardware or software features.

In this case, the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 is 20% lighter than the iPad Air, and packs more pixels onto its – albeit smaller – display and costs a fair chunk of change less than the iPad as well. Not considering that it's smaller, so you'd expect it to be lighter, the remainder of Amazon's pro points have weighting.

But what about user experience? What about the customer service that Apple offers through its retail stores? Or the incredible array of tablet optimized apps available for the iPad that easily outguns the number of Android apps that can say the same?

When Apple advertises a product it often puts emphasis on experience, not specs, not picking fault with competitors. Being the big dogs in the tablet yard will undoubtedly attract this kind of attention, but does it work? What do you think to this kind of aggressive approach from competitor products? Sound off in the comments below!

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Reader comments

Amazon jumps on the Apple mocking bandwagon with latest Kindle Fire ad


All this shows is that Apple is still the one to beat. Apple has the public’s mindshare. Apple is the top dog. All those reports of how Android has conquered the mobile universe, how Apple is on the way down, none of that matters. What matters is what your competitors think. And they think Apple is the one they need to defeat. If the negative analysis and chest thumping about market share were meaningful no one would be concerned about Apple and iOS. They would be attacking their Android competitors. But they’re not .

I agree. The early Mac commercials and the "I'm a Mac" were examples of Apple directly taking on the competition with aggressive advertising. The top dog advertises their strengths and the competitors attack the big dog. Pretty common.

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Yeah, I'm kind of surprised that wasn't brought up. Companies like fun at the weaknesses of their competitors while advertising their strengths. That's...what you're supposed to do.

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But in mac vs pc, they do have the strong case, as mac has more superior experience than pc, (the gap is reduced now).

Damn right! The iPad is a wanna-be, has-been piece of junk that I should never, ever bother wasting my time nor money on. Why would anyone want to? Thank you for helping me see the light Amazon. You're my hero!

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The kindle is a solid tablet but it's very limiting in a few areas. It's perfect for my daughter, but I wouldn't be happy with one as my only tablet. I do find these parody ads funny however.

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I saw this commercial last night. I believe it was during a 60 Minutes interview with Jeff Bezos.

I like Amazon. I shop through them all the time and I have a Kindle Paperwhite. From what was said in the interview they break even on the Kindle Fire on purpose to keep the price lower. I'm sure it's a great device but in no way would it replace my iPad.
As far as the advertisement. I haven't seen any product bashing from Apple since the I'm a Mac I'm a PC campaign and that wasn't directed toward any particular company or computer.
All a consumer has to do is a little research to find out which tablet is truly best for them. But companies that bash don't want you do that. They want you to believe their commercials which may be true. Lighter and cheaper doesn't mean it's the best tablet. Just lighter and cheaper. A spiral notebook is also lighter and cheaper.

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They break even on hardware because Wall Street doesn't care if they make a profit. The minute Wall Street starts punishing them for not being profitable then prices will go up.

How have they bashed Apple? All that they said was that the Kindle is "sharper and lighter", which it is. They said nothing beyond that. Never said it was the best tablet. Lighten up, Frances. :)

People recognize Apple. That's why competitors are always trying to compare their products with Apple. In my opinion, advertising strategy like this is a little cheap but it is a good way to connect with the audience by showing them something they can relate to with the little time they have.

And for this specific commercial, I don't think it's that bad. They highlighted their so called "strengths" over the iPad Air. And besides, I've seen other commercials that employed the same tactic way worse.

PS. Apple's latest commercial blows this one out of the water. It's A-W-E-S-O-M-E !!!

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Amazon and its android brotherings are just threatened by Apple! The iPad is such a beast of a product that it is mainstream behemoth! No other tablet even comes close to the brand recognition of the iPad. Good luck Amazon!! Lol!

For Microsoft to do it (and HP, Motorola and Blackberry before them) is just a company grasping for relevance (look we have an "ipad" too i and if you go so far as to believe us, it’s not bad!). But Amazon is a different beast... You can buy an iPad at Amazon! So they are basically saying, "go check our tablet out... and buy whatever you want".

Win-win right there for Amazon!

You can buy an iPad from a reseller at Amazon, but Amazon itself does not sell iPads. Also note the resellers charge above retail.

Another case of Amazon stifling its competition and limiting choice.

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Ok strike that then (I don’t really use Amazon, so I figured that the iPad features on their landing page were sold by them).

I think these types of ads make them seem desperate and pathetic, I have nothing against Amazon just as a consumer I don't like these types of ads

I see this as a step back for amazon. They carved out a special place for the kindle. Customized the OS so it didn't look exactly like the other android tabs. I saw the kindle more as an extension of amazon rather than an iPad competitor.
People want to beat apple products on paper, which they do: "higher numbers mean better, right?" And then the tech bloggers and analysts put up their "apple doomed" stories to get hits on their site. Amazon perhaps saw an opportunity to get their jab in too. I guess there's nothing wrong with that. But without offering an equivalent to the best features, it's kinda misleading.

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Don't see any problem here. This is what you're supposed to do from a marketing perspective when you want to make an impact (of course, there's a lot to be said for what you need to do from the product side too). As others have said already Apple is the name for tablets and has made iPad the go to product in people's minds. Bring up the name and you risk comparisons, but if you win on some of them that isn't always a bad thing.

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Funny to see Apple fans up in arms and getting all defensive with this after the "Get a Mac" campaign. This should be seen as a compliment rather than an attack on the iPad.

Bashing is one thing, but using a Jony Ive parody is disrespectful and childish. I hope people see Bezos for what he really is, a Steve Jobs wanna be.

Not that I'm offended nor upset about this ad. It's business as usual, but you've stated the correct reason for distaste if this ad - This ad is a parody of [Apple's] Jony Ive's classic, British elegance in how he presents the fruits of his [Apple's] labors. What Amazon needs is an Australian accent... It's British enough but with that "outback" twang. Or German, or Italian, or French... What Accent do you think should represent Amazon? ... Spanish, I suppose - it is a major language in South America!

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How exactly is this bad? Why should a manufacturer acknowledge points where it's competitor is better? That makes no sense. The point is to sell the product, end of story. Should Apple advertise the lack of upgradable internals in it's MacBook Air commercials?

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I think advertisements like this are healthy. It keeps Apple on its toes and hopefully will generate some innovation (which we haven't seen for a while). Plus, I agree, the iPad is overpriced. With as much cash as Apple has they can afford to cut the price by $100, then I'd buy one in a heartbeat. I love most things about my Apple products, just not the price.

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That kind of aggressive competition show the ignorance the other company's have and also shows that they're aware that apple dominates so they have to paint this picture that their product is better and apples is not great anymore. The only person the might have a spec of belief about those statements is someone who doesn't use apple products and thats the market the should be targeting anyway right..

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These type of adds are really getting boring. Can they show off the advantage of the I device instead.

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These ads always annoy me. They are always kind of stupid. Why can't they just boast the qualities of the device rather than point out the flaws of other devices and compare them?

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The kindle, samsung, WP and Microsoft devices will do a lot better when they stop trying to "mock" the iPad/iPhone. It actually talks badly about them, they should really focus on highlighting their own devices without silly "comparisons" and trying to say "Mine is better than yours".

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That's fine, let them make an extended edition of that commercial with a sales comparison. I am sure that's just something they left out right? I see soooooo many Kindle Fires around... LOL iPad is king, get over it and deal with it.

It was actually pretty informative for me, despite the mocking. I had no idea about those specs of the kindle fire.

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